Taking the morning off

August 8, 2015

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I’m taking this morning off from blogging (sort of). My craft room has filled up with packages of fiber that need to be sorted and mailed back out to guys all over the US and Canada for the next Fiber to Scarf Exchange, and there’s very little room for me to do much of anything right now. There has also been no spinning happening here since the Tour de Fleece ended. I’ve been busy making scarves on my rigid heddle loom since it has returned from its stay in Brooklyn.

I have also been trying to fit in some work on a long neglected cabled sweater project that I would really like to have done for Rhinebeck this year. Just the sleeves and a hood left to finish, which is what I plan to work on this morning while the house is quiet.

Saturday morning blogging will resume when I get caught up and get all these packages cleared off the floor.

Have a great weekend!

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