Hi, I’m Aaron, and welcome to Aaronknits.com

This site came about because I chose to end my long relationship with the Times Union, mostly due of their extremely unfair treatment of fellow blogger Chuck Miller over his April Fools Day post. I will have more to say about that in an upcoming blog post.

The Fiber Arts Blog which I had contributed to for a number of years, also may likely be phased out under the new blog management at the Times Union. It also may not. I’m not entirely sure. But I didn’t feel like waiting around to find out. There were long stretches of time where I was the only regular contributor to the Fiber Arts blog, despite having two other co-bloggers.

For those reasons, I thought it best that I go it alone on my own site. So, here we are.

New blog posts will be published weekly, most likely on Saturdays, as they have been on the Times Union Fiber Arts blog, and much of my old content from there will be republished here as time allows. I’ll talk about knitting, spinning, weaving, the local fiber arts community, events, local yarn shops, and more. There will also be the occasional post about dogs, food, or life in general, as much as they are about fiber. Some posts may be about contentious topics, and there may be salty language at time. FYI, I’m good at salty language, so be warned.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to follow this blog (see the “Follow” button on the sidebar to get notified when new content is posted.