Surviving the worst of summer

Good morning and happy Saturday! Have you had enough rain? Seriously, it seems like every day over the last couple of weeks has been gray, wet, and dreary. If it wasn’t raining, it was so hot and humid that I was soaked in my own sweat the moment I stepped outside, so I tried not to go out unless it was absolutely necessary. Most of the time the window AC units and fans we use in the most necessary rooms did fine but they struggled on the hottest days. The living room especially since it gets sun all afternoon and evening.

Inside the house was still better than out and I spent a lot of time doing inside stuff. On the weekend of the 4th, we seal up in the house and crank the fans and AC units more to drown out the sound of the fireworks for our older dog than for temperature and humidity control. That weekend I started an elongated shawl/scarf called Sundry. I whittled away at it slowly over the last three weeks along with a lot of violin practice, movie watching, and keeping the dogs entertained because they didn’t really want to spend much time outside if we weren’t out there too.

While better suited for solid color contrasting yarns, the slip stitch pattern blended the variegated black/gray with the rainbow dyed yarn quite nicely as they transition. It used both skeins entirely as the pattern starts with one color, adds in the second color every two rows in the slip stitch pattern, and continues with the second when the first one runs out. I played yarn chicken with the black/gray and it did run out eight stitches before the end of its return row, but adding in the purple a few stitches early masks pretty well.

I love the ‘rainbow coming out of the clouds’ vibe and it is exactly what I was looking for. The back side of the fabric has a really cool texture too that honestly, I dig more than the front. Worn around the neck as a scarf it becomes a sort of adjustable pop of beautiful color depending on how much or how little of the black/gray may be showing.

The black/gray variegated is by Dragonfly Fibers and the self striping rainbow yarn is by Urth Yarns. It will be a nice addition to my stash of winter accessories which I have culled a lot of worn pieces from at the end of this past winter. I might do this same pattern again in solid colors too.

I’ll see what’s in my stash later. Since weather will permit, I’m off to start some long overdue outside work as early as possible. Have a great weekend, stay safe and if you haven’t already, please get vaccinated.

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