Are you ready?

Good morning and happy Saturday! The first major snowstorm of the winter is upon us, but somehow for all the jokes made about people stocking up on food and supplies, I have never really seen that actually happen. Sure, the grocery stores may be a little busier than normal as people plan to not go out for a couple of days, but weeks? That is a bit extreme.

I do have a couple of dog sweaters to start knitting and as much as I despise acrylic, these need to be machine washable. If I can find a superwash wool that I like I might get it, but these sweaters usually end up being acrylic.

Last weekend I finished plying all of the storage bobbins of singles that I had been saving up. They have been soaked and “thwacked” and dried. Now they are ready to be re-wound to check yardage. The camel yarn may need to be run through again to add just a wee bit more ply twist, but in general I am pleased with how they all came out. Some will stay in my stash and some will likely be gifts to non-spinning knitter friends.

Currently on my needles is the Hitchhiker scarf in Cascade Heritage prints sock yarn. I am using a slightly larger needle size than the pattern calls for, and I know that the resulting gauge is different, and that I may not be able to knit all 42 teeth from just the one skein because of that.

I am well prepared, craft wise, for anything mother nature sends our way this weekend. Unless the snowfall amount is catastrophically huge, which has happened but is not expected this time, we will be cleaned out and back to normal within a day or two of the storm passing.

First up on our agenda today is a trip to the vet with two of the dogs for routine vaccinations that are due, and then I am visiting a friend and fellow chorus member whose house and dogs I will be tending to next weekend while he’s away. Once those things are taken care of, I can relax at home at watch the snow come down.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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