A quiet, snowy morning.

Good morning, and happy Saturday!
I don’t have much to post this morning as I was out last night at a get together with fellow bloggers Chuck Miller ,
Ken Screven ,
Judi England ,
Roger Green ,
Walter Ayres , and
Michael Rivest . It was great to get out of the house on a Friday night when I’m usually in doing laundry and working on this morning’s post.
I didn’t get my rigid heddle loom warped this week, but I did finish a second piece of a blanket project on my triangle loom. Continue reading “A quiet, snowy morning.”

Winter spinning and weaving

Good morning and happy Saturday! I’m looking forward to playing Santa at Pet Supplies Plus today and tomorrow for Italian Greyhound Rescue’s annual fundraiser. Last weekend was a blast. We were fairly busy both days with about an even mix of dogs who were easy and not so easy about it. I was surprisingly not as sore as I expected to be afterwards. We’ll see what this weekend brings! Continue reading “Winter spinning and weaving”

Good morning from the Purina National Dog Show in Philadelphia!

Halo and her handler at last year’s show.

Good morning and happy Saturday! My sweet Halo and I came down on Thursday night after work for shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. This is the dog show that airs on Thanksgiving day and the televised portions of the show take place today. We did this same show last year too, and despite the fact that Halo had started her first heat cycle the week before the show, we had a fantastic time. We met lots great people, met lots of other pharaoh hounds including one of her brothers, and she showed really well.   Continue reading “Good morning from the Purina National Dog Show in Philadelphia!”

Wool weather

Good morning and happy Saturday! If you haven’t got your hand knit hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves out yet, then what are you waiting for? More snow? Snow in October is not an uncommon thing, nor are the great variances in temperature from one day to the next (or even within the same day). Please don’t take that as a complaint. These fall temperatures are one of the main reasons I love this time of year here in New York, and I always plan way ahead. It was mid-September when I pulled the bag of winter accessories down from the hall closet, and my supply of wool sweaters (some hand knit, some purchased) out of storage. We hadn’t even been back from our vacation in the warmth of the Sunshine State for a full week, and we were still in short sleeves and shorts here that week, but I wanted to make sure it all got washed and dried and made ready for use.

My pile of wool laundry

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American Fiber Story: My Rhinebeck Weekend

Good morning and happy Saturday! Who was at Rhinebeck last weekend? Is it me, or do those Saturday crowds get bigger and bigger every year? My friend Dave and I arrived on Saturday just as the gates were about to open and had just a few minutes of waiting in line until we were in. By the time we did get in and into Building A, which was probably at about 10:15, the crowds were so thick you could barely move, and long lines had already formed for all the usual vendors.

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