Book Review – Dyeing to Spin and Knit: Techniques and Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns

Dyeing is not something I have much experience in. I have done very little, and most of it has been with Kool-Aid and food coloring. A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of dyeing with my friend Rob in his kitchen using the Greener Shades dye kit that he got from the Woolery. We had a great time, and the skeins I brought to dye came out beautiful, and I’m grateful to have gained a little more experience with dyes other than drink mixes. I don’t see myself doing very much dyeing in the future. More of the Romney that I dyed last weekend will fall into a dyepot because I’m just amazed at how beautiful that yarn came out, and I’m looking forward to how other colors look on more of that yarn. So much so that I ordered the same dye kit earlier this week. Continue reading “Book Review – Dyeing to Spin and Knit: Techniques and Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns”

Project Progress

This blog post was originally published in March of 2017

Good morning and happy Saturday! I hope everyone made it through the Tuesday blizzard okay. We are as dug out as we are going to get here. The space I made in the back yard for the dogs is much smaller than usual, but it will have to do until it all melts. Halo is not happy. She wants to run along the fence with her springer spaniel friends next door. She made a run for the back corner of the yard yesterday afternoon. It is really quite comical to see her leaping through the snow. I missed her run up, but I did manage to get a short video of her dash back to the house. Continue reading “Project Progress”

A space to sew

This post was originally published on the TU Fiber Arts blog in March 2017.

Good morning and happy Saturday! Did you like those few days of spring like weather we were teased with recently? I know I sure did, and so did my dogs. They were able to spend a lot of time playing in the yard last weekend and in the evenings early this week, and it was such a rare treat to be able to open the windows and let some fresh air into the house. This weekend, I think they are all going to spend a lot of time burrowed under their blankets and going no farther outside than the garage, and that’s okay. I know exactly how they feel. Continue reading “A space to sew”

The weirdest thing you may ever see

Some time ago, Franklin Habit shared this post on Facebook by Costureira da Depressao. I have seen a lot of weird stuff but this…I just don’t know what to say. It is so bizarre that I have watched it several times now. I have been unable to find any video showing more of this performance, or what carnival or festival this is from. If anyone has any more information on what and where this is, please comment below.

A dual purpose trip to NYC

Good morning, and happy Saturday! Are you looking forward to the warmer temps this weekend and next week? I know I am. We need some of this snow to melt so my poor dogs have somewhere to do their business. I tried clearing a small patch of the yard after the snowstorm that we had before last weekend, but the snowstorm on Sunday completely erased my hard work.

IMG_1907-300x225 Continue reading “A dual purpose trip to NYC”

Fun with card weaving

Good morning, and happy Saturday! One new project that I started recently is so fun and fascinating that I thought it deserved it’s own post. Using the colors I bought for my color challenge project for the Men’s Knitting Retreat in May, I warped my Schacht inkle loom with a small card weaving project to sample the yarn and colors in this particular technique.

IMG_1899-213x300 Continue reading “Fun with card weaving”

Look at all those pussy hats!

Good morning, and happy Saturday!
Did you participate in one of the Women’s Marches last weekend? Please share your experience in the comments below! I was thrilled to see all of the pictures in my Facebook feed posted by friends who were attending some of the various marches held here around the country and the world. It looks like attendance at all of the marches was was so great that it ticked off our tiny-handed Tweeter-In-Chief. Continue reading “Look at all those pussy hats!”