Hey man, nice scarf!

Good morning and happy Saturday! If you’re going to the Spring Fling Antiques, Collectibles, and Craft Festival in Glenville today, take an umbrella or take cover because it looks like we’re getting some serious storms today. I am a bit disappointed that I cannot go but my dear spouse is not. He is afraid I might come home with another spinning wheel or two, or more. We will be going to our local farmer’s market at the Crossings in Colonie later this morning, maybe with a dog, or three, then off to the vet for a routine vet appointment for one of the dogs, and if it isn’t too stormy this afternoon, a stop to visit our monthly Italian Greyhound Rescue adoption clinic at Pet Supplies Plus on Western Ave.

I know I wanted to talk about the scarf exchange this week, but I decided to wait until I receive the scarf that was made from the fiber I put into the exchange. To be honest, I don’t even remember what that fiber was! But now I can at least show you a picture of the cowl that I made for Van in Ontario. He wasn’t able to attend the retreat this year so I am mailing it to him this week. I hope he likes it. Continue reading “Hey man, nice scarf!”

You would think I would get a lot of knitting done at a knitting retreat, right?

Good morning and happy Saturday! Other than the chirping of the birds outside, it’s pretty quiet here this morning. There are no four legged or two legged house guests this weekend, no fiber festivals to run off to, and a much shorter list of outside work to do. My dogs have had their breakfast and have gone back to bed and I am sitting down with my first cup of coffee. I’m looking forward to spending some time this morning on some of the projects I have recently started and thinking about some projects I’d like to start.

Prior to the Men’s Spring Knitting retreat, I had no major projects in the works on any of my wheels, spindles, or needles (there was a sock in progress, but I always have socks in progress so those really don’t count). I wanted to use the retreat as an opportunity to begin both a new knitting project and a new spinning project. While I did manage to start both projects on Saturday during the retreat, I didn’t make much progress on either before it was time to pack up and come home.
The knitting project is a cardigan using yarn that I bought in Seattle in 2014 when I attended the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat. I think it’s fitting that I would finally begin a project with that yarn at another Men’s Knitting Retreat, and it only took me a year and a half to get to it. Seems like a long time to some people, but I have yarn that has been in my stash for much longer, and I’m sure many of you do also. That’s why it’s called a stash.

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One wild and wooly weekend after another

Good morning and happy Saturday! Last weekend I attended my seventh Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat. The spring retreat, now in its ninth year, was the first of the men’s knitting retreats and now there are several that take place at various times throughout the year in various places around the country. The first men’s knitting retreat in Canada took place earlier this year, and in years past there have been retreats in both the UK and New Zealand.

Each year when I return home from the spring retreat I usually write a blog post about how amazing, inspiring, rejuvenating, energizing, and so utterly magical it is. This year was certainly no exception, and there isn’t really anything I can say about it that I have already said about each of the retreats I have been to for the previous six years. What I will say is that if you or someone you know has never been to a men’s knitting retreat and you’re interested in going, I strongly encourage you to do so. Don’t worry about being a new knitter or how much experience you do or do not have. These retreats are open to all skill levels and at some of the past retreats we have had guys attend who were brand new to knitting. The only requirement for attending a men’s knitting retreat is that you are a man, or at least identify as male. That’s right. Transgendered men are just as welcome at the men’s knitting retreats as cisgendered men, and there is never any fuss about who uses which restroom because that kind of ignorance and intolerance is simply not welcome there. Continue reading “One wild and wooly weekend after another”

Preparing for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

Good morning and happy Saturday!
The East Coast Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat is less than two weeks away. This is by far my favorite fiber event of the year and I write about it every year. This year our spring retreat is completely booked. In fact, it sold out on the first day of registration!

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The Cardarelle comes home

Good morning and happy Saturday! Last weekend, after my spinning class at Weston Hill Farm in Westerlo (which was awesome, by the way!) I stopped at the Cluckin’ A Critter Farm in nearby Greenville to pick up my Anthony Cardarelle spinning wheel that Skip Watt had done some work on. You can read more about this wheel here and how it came to be in need of repair here .

If I were to keep this wheel in my herd permanently, I would have been fine with my splint and duct tape repair job. However, since I rarely use this wheel, I decided it will eventually be passed on to another spinner, and I thought it would be a good idea for it to have a proper treadle. The Clemes and Clemes Traditional which is the current version of this wheel, has a very unique treadle that I quite like, so I asked Skip to make a similar treadle for my Cardarelle wheel. I think he did a fantastic job! Continue reading “The Cardarelle comes home”

Sure, blame it on the dog

Good morning and happy Saturday! My friend Rob is picking me up in a couple of hours and we are heading up to Washington County to visit a few of the farms on the tour. He’s driving, which is a good thing because I am having some shoulder issues today. It started out earlier in the week feeling like a pinched nerve with pain and stiffness in my neck, and that’s what it might have been up until yesterday. The pain and stiffness in my neck was even worse yesterday and n the process of stretching a moving to relieve that discomfort I seem to have aggravated the shoulder joint and now that feels even worse than the neck pain, which now seems to be gone. My shoulder hurts pretty bad, but I’ll be okay. The worst thing about it is that it’s cutting into my knitting and spinning time!

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On the road with my dog and my knitting

Good morning from East Brunswick, New Jersey, and happy Saturday! Just an FYI, this post is more about my dog than knitting or spinning.

I’m here with Halo for a weekend of dog shows at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center in Edison. Getting involved with the crazy world of dog shows was never something I thought I would be doing. Have you seen the movie Best in Show? It’s a brilliant comedy directed by Christopher Guest, but I’m starting to look at is as more documentary. Maybe it needs its own classification, like docu-comedy.

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