Fiber fun for everyone next weekend on the Washington County Fiber Tour!

Good morning and happy Saturday! It is gray and wet and dreary this morning and it looks like it will be that way for the rest of the day. Perfect knitting weather. I have irises and day lilies that I want to dig up and move, roses I want to dig up and move, and a small vegetable garden that will be moving too. The ground where that is going needs to be prepared first, and I need to either borrow a roto-tiller or rent one for a day from wherever I can. None of that is likely to get done today though. Other than a couple of vehicular wellness appointments and a dog groomer appointment, my day will be spent mostly at home and I have plenty of fun fiber projects to occupy my time here. Continue reading “Fiber fun for everyone next weekend on the Washington County Fiber Tour!”

One step closer to done

I have very little that is fiber related to share this week. The targhee gradient project is coming along nicely.

Yes that is a 90% silver 1962 dime.

What I do have an update on is the bathroom remodel. Yes, I know that remodel was “done” quite some time time ago. Understand that most house projects here are like a ‘Family Guy’ gag. During that remodel I finally put the trim up on the inside of the front door that I put in a number of years earlier. So the lack of proper painting of the bathroom walls has gone on for so long it stopped being funny. Continue reading “One step closer to done”

The plan for plying

Good morning and happy Saturday! Last weekend was a bit of a mess and not solely because of the time change. My sleep issues had started long before which is somewhat “normal” for me in late winter/early spring. Things seem to have gone back to normal after this past Monday which I am quite glad for.

I knew early on in planning for this gradient project that plying all eight ounces of yarn into one skein would be an issue as my Kromski bobbins typically only hold about four ounces each. This would have meant splicing the second bobbin of plied yarn to the first during the winding off stage. That probably would have worked out just fine and I am sure the join would be unnoticeable, but I would really rather that all be done during plying. Continue reading “The plan for plying”

Targhee progress

Good morning and happy Saturday! For the first morning in at least a couple of weeks I did not wake up an hour or two before my regular time. First on my agenda after I have showered and dressed is a haircut. Once that is done I hope to spend the rest of the morning finishing up the second bobbin of the first half of my targhee gradient project.

The first layers

There were twelve batts when I started, Continue reading “Targhee progress”