Saturday Morning Spinning – and a short book review

July 6, 2013

Good morning everyone, is it hot enough for you? I’m doing my best to not complain too much about this heat. It would have been nice to have had some much warmer weather than we did back in late May and early June when my pool was open and practically unused. We’re trying to make up for that now though.

Before I get started doing any spinning this morning, and before the day gets too hot, I’m heading out for a walk. I have not been getting anywhere near as much exercise as I would like and I’m starting to feel it. Since it’s already over 70 degrees at 6AM, I may not do the entire 4 miles that I usually do, and I certainly won’t do it at the pace I normally like to do, but I need some movement this morning before I sit down to spin. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Spinning – and a short book review”

Saturday morning spinning

June 29, 2013

Good morning, and happy Saturday! Have you had enough rain yet? I know I have. By this point in the summer I’m usually adding water to my pool and worrying about my lawn turning brown and crunchy. Instead, I have been draining water from the pool and adding extra chlorine, and mowing quite regularly. The extra outside work has been keeping me busy, and keeping me from getting much knitting and spinning done.

I started spinning the Rideau Arcott on my Bliss, but I didn’t get very far at all. This is just the first color in the roving. The roving is very well carded and quite springy. Once the colored roving is done, I will spin four ounces of the same fiber in black to ply it with. It should make for an investing effect and texture when it finally gets knitted up. Continue reading “Saturday morning spinning”

Saturday morning spinning in better light

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday! Isn’t it great to finally have this weather? It’s certainly much nicer than last Saturday. But last weekend did get better and Memorial Day was really quite spectacular. My pool was still too cold to use though. The water temperature was about 58/59 degrees and I was only brave enough to dip my feet in, but not for very long. After a week of perfect summer temperatures (and a solar cover) the water is now above 70 so last night I went for an official first swim of the season.

Last weekend I started spinning some beautiful fiery orange Finn top on my Bliss wheel. During the past week I only managed to get about one third of the fiber spun. Because the highest ratio (18.5:1) on the Bliss is a little harder to treadle, I’m sacrificing twist speed for treadling ease and using the 12:1 ratio. The singles are coming out pretty fine so I’m expecting at a 3 ply this will be fingering/sock weight yarn.

The obligatory money shot

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Saturday morning spinning at the retreat

I wrote this post this morning. Honest. But cell service up here is abysmal, and the bandwidth of the wifi gets maxed out pretty quickly. It’s almost midnight, and I can get good enough internet access to upload a few pictures and finally publish my post. I’ve added in some updates too. Enjoy!

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday! I’ve been having a great time here at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat even though I haven’t done much knitting. I’ve done quite a bit of spinning so far though. Yesterday afternoon I lead a workshop for beginning spinners. Four guys who have never spun yarn before learned the basics of spinning on a wheel and created their very first hand spun yarns. A few other guys who didn’t sign up for that workshop will get a one on one intro to spinning later today, and later on this morning I’m leading a workshop for intermediate spinners and introducing them to woolen drafting techniques. Continue reading “Saturday morning spinning at the retreat”

A Weekend of Knitting and Brotherhood

This past weekend I attended my fourth <a href=””&gt; Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat </a>. This retreat, now in its sixth year, has become the official start of my “fiber season”. There are other events that happen earlier like the Chancellor’s Sheep and Wool Showcase in Clermont, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, and even the Washington County Fiber Tour. I have yet to make it to any of those. From the time registration for the retreat opens around the beginning of the year, my focus is on one thing only, spending a weekend with the most amazing and talented men I have ever met.

Early morning in the great room of the lodge, our main gathering space.

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Off to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

My car is mostly packed, and I’m off to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat for the rest of the weekend, held at Easton Mountain in Washington County. It’s a beautiful time of year there and the weather for the weekend looks great. This event is something that many of us start thinking about as soon as we get home from the previous one.

I’ll have more to say about it next week, and we’ll do Saturday morning spinning there. You’ll also get to read a lot more about the cool new wheel you see there in the back of my car. It just arrived yesterday.