41st Annual Holiday Craft show in Schoharie this weekend

There is another great show this weekend sponsored by the Schoharie Colonial Heritage Association at the Schoharie Valley Railroad Museum Complex. This one isn’t just for handwoven items. Handmade crafts of all types will be on display here. The Golden Fleece Spinners and Weavers Guild based out of Schoharie participates in this event and guild members will have hand knit and handwoven items for sale. This is another great opportunity to help support local artists and artisans, and keep the money you spend in local hands.

Okay, that’s all I have for today. Busy busy morning ahead of me as well as a full day of work, then packing up the car for the weekend and hitting the road. Have a great weekend!

Hudson Mohawk Weavers’ Guild’s annual Show and Sale

Good morning and happy Thursday! From today through Sunday, the Pruyn House in Colonie plays host to the Hudson Mohawk Weavers’ Guild’s annual Show and Sale. There is a ridiculous amount of skill and artistry to be seen at this event, and if you are looking for something special for yourself or for a gift, you should not miss this. Handwoven garments, scarves, shawls, and other accessories, as well as towels, blankets, rugs, and a multitude of other items for the home are on display throughout the Pryun House.

Check out this slide show by one of the guild members.

There will be a fashion show of handwoven items and spinning and weaving demonstrations throughout the weekend. I recall in past years they have used the schoolhouse building for more demonstrations and vending but I am not sure if that will be the case this year. So much heart and soul and years of practicing their craft goes into into every item, and the money spent stays close to home, and supports local artists and artisans. Weather permitting, the grounds of the Pruyn House are beautiful and worth exploring while you are there. I encourage you to check it out.

I’ll be taking a little road trip with my sweet Halo this weekend, and I will have more on that this Saturday. Have a great weekend!

Book Review and Giveaway: Knit Mitts – Your Hand-Y Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but if you knit any Christmas gifts, you had to be thinking about Christmas weeks if not months ago. If you are just thinking about it now, well, your options are limited. Mittens and gloves are the perfect down-to-the-wire or even last-minute gifts to knit. They’re small, so they take less time to knit. Being small makes them easily portable too, so you can bring them with you and work on them anywhere. You’d be surprised how quickly a row or two or three here and there throughout the day really adds up. There is plenty of time to make several pairs between now and Christmas. Continue reading “Book Review and Giveaway: Knit Mitts – Your Hand-Y Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves”

Expensive Trash

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

Trends in knitting and other fiber arts come and go. Remember when fun-fur was all the rage? The new trend seems to be knitting blankets, hats, and all manner of projects using un-spun roving. I cannot help but think how incredibly disappointed anyone who makes these items will be with them after using them just one or two times. Aside from the fact that even a hat would probably use 8 ounces or more of wool, making it ridiculously heavy for that kind of item, there are a multitude of other problems with using un-spun roving as a knitting yarn and at the top of the list is durability, or the lack thereof. If you think you have a problem with pilling on your items knitted with actual yarn, imagine how bad it would be with a “yarn” that hasn’t bee spun at all. Good luck washing these items too, and you know that sooner or later, these things are going to need to be cleaned. I guarantee they won’t look the same after just one washing, no matter how gentle it may be, let alone several. Continue reading “Expensive Trash”

Flash Your Rhinebeck Stash!

Good morning and happy Saturday! Did you go to Rhinebeck last weekend? Did you go both days or just one? We had friends come down from Maine for the weekend, and we drove down both days. Saturday was absolutely insane, and I swear it gets more insane every year. There is no point trying to even get into some of the barns, let alone some of the vendors’ booths. Continue reading “Flash Your Rhinebeck Stash!”

The Cardarelle Gets a Facelift

Good morning and happy Hump Day! I have been working on a super special spinning related project over the last couple of months that I finally finished last weekend. This little upright wheel came to me in May of 2014. It was made in the early 1960’s by Anthony Cardarelle and became the inspiration for the Clemes and Clemes Traditional that is still in production today. From the day it came home with me I did a lot of work to it, or had a lot of work done to it. Continue reading “The Cardarelle Gets a Facelift”