Good morning from Provincetown

Good morning and happy Saturday! Michael and I have been here in beautiful Provincetown, Massachusetts since last Saturday. Today it is time to go home. In fact, by the time this post publishes we may already be on the road home. There’s just one stop we need to make in Barnstable on the way, and I will have more about that next week.

Our journey here last Saturday was uneventful and started early enough so that we did not get stuck in any traffic waiting to cross the bridge onto the cape. When we came out for the weekend last summer, we didn’t get as early of a start, and we sat in the car inching along for about two hours before we could even see the bridge. Timing is indeed everything.

There has been knitting on my vacation this week. I brought the slipper socks to finish up for our NEMFKR KAL, and then began a new sock with some Cascade Heritage Prints sock yarn from my stash.

For as many afternoons as I could, I joined some dear friends at the coffee shop in town for knitting. I didn’t think I had spent as much time during the past week working on this first sock as I apparently have. It was cast on Sunday, and now by the end of the week I am well on my way to completing the foot and then toe. In addition to coffee shop knitting in the afternoons, this sock has accompanied me to the beach and the pool to keep me occupied as I bask in the beautiful cape sun shine.

I can pretty much guarantee that the second sock will take considerably longer to complete.

There has been a bit of spinning here this week too. I couldn’t bring a wheel. Well, I could have. There was plenty of room in the car and there is plenty of space in the condo we rented to set one up. Still, as tempted as I was, I left them all at home and stuck with a spindle project instead.

The fiber is undyed Targhee and the spindle is from Jim Johnson, and I packed several of Jim’s spindles for the trip because I was unsure of which one I’d use to start this project. I chose the lightest of the spindles as I wanted to keep the singles as thin as possible, and if you have spun Targhee before, I am sure you know why. Targhee puffs up a surprising amount during the finishing process that gives the yarn a distinct springiness.

While we had an incredible week on the cape, I am glad to be going home. We miss our dogs, who have been in the care of friends since last Saturday, and I’m sure they miss us too. I hope they like the surprise we are bringing home with us.

Have a great weekend!

WIP Wednesday, you say?

There is nothing on my needles. No, not even a sock. Nor is there anything on any of my wheels or looms. One of my spindles has some green merino on it that I have been spinning, but that is really just a time filler and not something that I am worried about when or even if it gets completed. This is kind of odd for me.

Not having a project on any of my wheels was sort of planned. When I finished spinning and plying the Romney batts that I started shortly after the retreat, I surveyed my stash and realized that the hand spun portion of my stash is now just about equal to the commercially spun portion of my stash and that is not a bad position to be in at all. Keep in mind that my stash is quite modest. I know people with entire rooms (sometimes multiple rooms) to house their stash, whereas mine is mostly limited to the stacked storage drawers in one closet. Continue reading “WIP Wednesday, you say?”

Tonight’s the Night!

Good morning and happy Saturday! A couple of weeks ago, I said I would have more to say on my experience with the Albany Gay Men’s Chorus, and here it is. Please bear with me as this will be one of my lengthier blog posts.

Back in January the Albany Gay Men’s Chorus had a “meet & greet” event that I attended which was aimed at guys who were interested in joining the chorus. To be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely sure that singing in a group (or at all, for that matter) was something I would be capable of. Like most people, I sing along to what I listen to in the car, but I know I do it badly, and I have heard the chorus perform at several concerts, so I couldn’t imagine my voice being much of a contribution. At least not a good contribution. Continue reading “Tonight’s the Night!”

Another successful Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

Good morning and happy…Sunday! Yes, Sunday. I do apologize for my absence and divergence from the “normal” day that I publish a blog post. This past week and this weekend have been somewhat hectic around this here, but more about that in a bit.

Last weekend was the 11th Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and this even just gets better and better every year. At each retreat I attend there are always at least a couple of guys who I have only known online though Facebook or Ravelry, and being able to make a personal connection with someone that I have only known online is one of the aspects of the retreat I treasure the most.

This year we had seem to have had more attendees who had either never been to a men’s knitting retreat before or who had at least never been to the spring retreat here in New York before, and among them were a few guys who are relatively new to knitting (they have been knitting a year or less). It is this mix of new and veteran retreat attendees that contribute so much to making this retreat as special as it is. The supportive, nurturing, and encouraging environment and the sense of brotherhood that this retreat resonates with us retreat veterans as much today as it did the first time we attended, and we truly enjoy helping to create that same atmosphere so that our new guys. Continue reading “Another successful Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat”

Registration is Open!

Registration and payment for the Northeast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat in September, in Upstate New York is now open.

Registration can be completed at the following web site:

• To nominate yourself or someone you know for a scholarship, the on-line nomination form can be found at:

The event will again be held at Easton Mountain Retreat Center from Thursday, September 20th through Sunday, September 23rd.

The Adirondack Wool and Arts Festival is the same weekend at the Washington County Fairgrounds in nearby Greenwich. A group field trip is being planned for Saturday, September 22nd.

• Registration will be limited to a maximum of 40 guys and after that a wait-list will be maintained

If you know of someone who can’t access the web site, they can call me directly to make reservations at (813) 666-KNIT or (813) 666-5648.

Any other questions, please feel free to e-mail

Hope to see you in September!

Some men’s knitting retreat news to share

Good morning and happy Saturday! Registration for the first Northeast Fall Men’s Knitting Retreat opens next Saturday at 10:00 AM. At that time, an email notification will be sent to all of the guys signed up for the retreat email list with a link to the registration page. Similar notifications will be posted at the same time on the Facebook and Ravelry groups for the retreat. The registration registration and checkout process is easy. The retreat will take place September 20th to the 23rd. For more information or to sign up to check out .

There is a change to the retreat scholarships which is the other news I have to share. Continue reading “Some men’s knitting retreat news to share”