Saturday morning spinning and preparing for the Tour de Fleece

Good morning, and happy Saturday! It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend, and I’m looking forward to spending as much time outside as possible. There are some outside chores to be done, which I will try to get done as early as possible. One of those chores is mowing, which there’s mysteriously less to do because someone mowed my front yard yesterday while I was at work. I am fairly certain it was my neighbor’s lawn guy. The mystery is why.

I have to be extra quiet this morning while I work. My mother in law is visiting for a couple of weeks and is staying in the guest room which is adjacent to my craft room. She’s not as much of a morning person as I am, and we were all up fairly late last night, so I will let her sleep in as long as she wants.

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Saturday Morning Spinning and my two favorite llamas

Good morning, and happy Saturday! Happy Solstice too! Summer is now officially here and along with that comes the kind of weather that makes handling wool in any form, whether spinning or knitting, a bit uncomfortable. Not this morning though. The last couple of nights have been so pleasantly cool and we’ve really enjoyed having all of the window open all night. Except for Thursday night, when a little black and white critter decided to pass through the yard. Lucky for us no dogs were outside at the time, but the fans that bought the cool air in from outside and circulated it through the house also brought the smell in too. I swear I could still smell it when I woke up the next morning.
This morning I’m thinking about two very special llamas at Wunsapana Farm . Every llama at Wunsapana Farm is special, but these two are just a little extra special to me.

Sweet Stella enjoys a few moments as queen of the mound.

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Saturday morning spinning and carding a gradient

June 7 2014

Good morning, and happy Saturday! It’s another busy weekend for me, so I’m enjoying my quiet time here in the house as long as I can. The dogs have been fed and have gone back to sleep, and my dear spouse doesn’t awaken until at least 8AM on the weekends, so I’ve got the house all to myself. The sky is starting to get brighter and the birds are starting to sing at around 4AM, so I have been starting to wake up a little earlier the past couple of weeks. Yes, I am a morning person, and not just because I wake up so early, but because I love to jump right into something productive as early as possible, and this morning is no exception.

Last weekend I spent some time preparing for a demonstration on blending with a drum carder at my guild meeting. I use my drum carder most often for blending fiber types, so preparing for that was pretty easy. I already had pre-bagged portions of Romney and alpaca to use. The Romney I have is gorgeous stuff all on its own, but with just a little bit of the silver alpaca blended in, it is absolutely stunning. Continue reading “Saturday morning spinning and carding a gradient”

Saturday morning spinning – Two steps forward and one step back

Good morning, and happy Saturday! It’s been a busy week for me, and there’s lots of fun and exciting things that I’ll get to tell you about soon. Right now, I’m grateful for some quiet time this morning because it’s going to be a busy weekend too. I’ve got a spinning class to teach later today, and a guild meeting tomorrow where I will be giving a presentation on blending colors and fiber types with a drum carder. Whatever spare time I have later today will be spent preparing for that. At some point this weekend, I need to make time for my regular household duties too, at least until someone invents grass that never needs mowing.

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Saturday morning spinning and the tale of two wheels

Facebook friends got a sneak peek on Wednesday night of the two new-to-me wheels that I acquired. These were a completely unexpected acquisition too. Here’s the story of that acquisition, and a little bit more that I’ve learned about them since they’ve been in my possession.
A friend who knows a LOT of local antiques dealers asked around some time ago on my behalf if any of them had any antique wheels or to let him know if they come across any. By “some time ago” I mean at least last spring. Antique wheels, good ones anyway, just don’t seem to come up in this area all that often. When my friend called me yesterday to tell me that one of his antique dealer friends had not one but TWO, I was immediately intrigued. I was given the number of the gentleman with the wheels and I called him to ask if I could come and take a look. He described them a little more, and reiterated that they were both complete and in great condition. He had just picked them up and didn’t have any pictures that he could send to me first, so all I knew about these wheels, which wasn’t much, was from that phone call.

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Saturday morning spinning and revising my sock plan


May 3, 2014

Good morning, and happy Saturday! We’ve finally made it to the month of May. Seems like the trees should be a lot greener than they are, but I guess that’s just a sign of how long and cold winter really was. My lawn is doing nicely, and it’s just about time for the first mowing. That’s a job I can almost enjoy now, thanks to the new lawn mower I got late in the mowing season last year. I had no complaints about the performance old mower prior to its demise, until I got the new one. It’s still a chore though.

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Hobby Lobby? More like Hypocrisy Lobby

It’s not often I will wade into controversial waters on my blog, but there’s an ongoing issue and a lawsuit recently heard by the Supreme Court involving Hobby Lobby a major chain of craft stores, and the owners’ opposition to the Affordable Care Act, that I wanted to share my opinion on.

Specifically, their opposition is to the mandate that health plans under the Affordable Care Act provide contraceptive coverage for their female employees. Hobby Lobby’s claim is that contraceptives go against their deeply held religious beliefs. They further claim that some of the contraceptives, specifically “Plan B” and “Ella”, actually cause abortions, which the owners oppose, and they should be exempt from providing that coverage just the same as religious institutions that employ people and provide health coverage are exempt. Continue reading “Hobby Lobby? More like Hypocrisy Lobby”