A few words about spinning wheel cleaning and maintenance

Good morning, and happy Saturday! Although it’s a day early, I’ll wish you all a happy Father’s Day and happy Solstice too. Even though we have no human children, we still get Father’s Day cards for each other from the dogs. It’s just a “Hallmark holiday” anyway, so that’s about as far as it goes for us.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned taking apart the Polonaise to clean and oil each piece and perform a little bit of maintenance before starting my spinning for the Tour de Fleece. I finally got the chance to do that last night.

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Sharing the Bliss and confirming my status as an enabler

Good morning, and happy Saturday! Take advantage of today while you can, because the next few days look considerably cooler and very wet. Not that I’m complaining. We really need the rain. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my lawn so brown and crunchy, even in the middle of summer.

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MSKR 2015

Good morning and happy Saturday! I have written about the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat so many times before. This year’s retreat was just as amazing and inspiring as always and there are no words that I could use to describe this year that haven’t been used to describe past retreats. We have guys who come just about every year, some who have been to other retreats in the summer and fall, and some who are there for the very first time. We have such a diversity in backgrounds, interests, and skills that we bring together every year into an awesome group of people that I am always honored to be a part of.

Our group got a tour of Battenkill Fibers again tis year. I love visiting the mill and the process of turning raw fleece into roving and yarn is something I always find fascinating. The mill also offers other tours throughout the year. Continue reading “MSKR 2015”

It’s that time again! 

My car is all packed, and I’m heading off to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat this weekend. I love my Kia Soul, but it does have a lot less room than my old Blazer. My Kromski Polonaise would most likely not have stood upright in the Blazer either, and will most certainly need some adjusting once I get it unpacked and set up again, but at least it fits.

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The flaw in my plan

Good morning and happy Saturday! Looks like we skipped the rest of spring and moved right into summer, at least for the next several days. Some folks might say it’s too hot too soon, but after the winter we had I’m not going to complain. At least not until July. It was about 90 degrees in our living room last night as we were watching TV, but I didn’t mind much. It’s still too early to put the AC units in the windows.
Since the rest of the house doesn’t catch all of the afternoon sun this time of year the way the living room does, it was noticeably cooler in our bedroom and in my craft room. I took advantage of this last night and spent some of last evening carding up the remainder of the batts for the gradient challenge I’m participating in. Earlier in the week I carefully weighed out amounts of each fiber and created little bundles that progressed from 100% green to 100% blue.

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Clearing craft space clutter and getting ready for a carding challenge

Good morning, and happy Saturday! Insomnia struck again this morning, and I’ve been awake since about 2AM when all the dogs woke me up to go outside and pee. I tried to go back to bed but by about 3:15 or so it was clear that sleep was not going to happen, so I decided I may as well start my day, and despite the fact that my dear spouse could sleep through a hurricane, I still creep around the house as quietly as possible.

I made good use of the first hour or so before sitting down to write, and did a little bit of necessary cleaning and organizing in my craft room. There’s a recent article on how messy rooms inspire creativity that I’ve seen several friends sharing lately, and while that may be true for many people, I find the opposite is true for me. Maybe it’s because I live in such a small house. We’re a whopping 962 square feet here and my craft room is a 10′ by 10′ bedroom. Perhaps if we had a little more square footage here I could be a little more relaxed about it, but organization is essential to making small spaces work. It doesn’t take much for my tiny craft space to get cluttered, and I find that clutter just distracts me. Continue reading “Clearing craft space clutter and getting ready for a carding challenge”

PETA’s lies and the truth about shearing

I guess it comes as no surprise that I’m friends with a LOT of people who keep flocks of fiber producing animals, and over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen many of them expressing their outrage over PETA’s latest bit of anti-wool propaganda. This “ad” shows a man holding what appears to be a bloodied lamb with large patches of skin missing with the caption “Here’s the rest of your wool coat.” There’s a huge problem though, the lamb is a prop made of foam.

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