Fun with felting

June 15 2010

Every once in a while I get the urge to do what you’re not supposed to do with your knitted wool. Throw it in the washing machine! A magical thing happens when your knitted wool meets soapy water and agitation. The tiny little scales that make up the surface of each individual fiber begin to interlock and all those beautiful stitches disappear, matting up into something thicker, sturdier, and yes, smaller!

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Apply some pressure, relieve some pressure 

Next Thursday morning I head off to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat. I’ve already made my checklist of things I need to bring. Most of it reads like any checklist for any vacation. In addition to the clothes and personal items I need to pack, I need to bring my spinning wheel and folding chair, spinning fiber, yarn, a project or two to work on, and a finished project or two for show and tell.

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Sock it to me – part 2

Socks can be made from practically any yarn. Obviously there are many novelty yarns that wouldn’t be very easy to make socks from, or make very attractive or comfortable socks. That dreaded fun-fur stuff is the first thing that comes to mind and yes, Lion Brand does have a free pattern for a sock with a fur cuff that looks fun and funky. At least it’s just a cuff and not a whole sock!

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Sock it to me

Here’s another of my posts from 2009. Socks are still a favorite project, and I always have a pair in progress.  Enjoy

We seem to be on the subject of socks so much lately.  Well, how many of you have been asked the following question?
“Why would you put all that work into knitting something when it is easier (and often cheaper) to just go out and buy it?”
I’ve been asked this question most in regards to knitted socks and not just from the non-knitters. I’ve heard the same question from a few knitters too!
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The Yang and Yin of Lace

This is one of my first posts on the TU Fiber Arts blog after I was brought on as a contributor in 2010, and one that I’m still quite proud of. Not much has changed. I still love knitting lace, and I still hate nupps. Enjoy!

In yoga we’re encouraged to acknowledge the poses that we find challenging and to safely explore ways to overcome those challenges. The best way to do that is with practice. We revisit and embrace that which challenges us, even if each embrace is momentary, until one day we just sort of connect with it and then we feel like old friends.
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