September Sanity Break

Good morning and happy Saturday! I know I said in my last post that I’d have more the following week. It’s still technically the following week, right?

A few weeks after starting the Ice Cream Social Shawl I started another shawl project for a train ride into the city. Ice Cream Social was already in a time out after I had finished all the first six lace sections. I frogged the whole thing after completing the second lace section because something went wrong even though I had the right stitch count. It’s been a while since I’ve knit lace, so I figured I just needed to get into the groove and I eventually did, but I most certainly did not want to do it on the train.

Inverness, a unique shawl design by my friend Kyle Kunnecke, had been in my queue for a quite a while and earlier in the summer I got two perfect yarns by Dragonfly Fiber from The Perfect Purl for this project. They were part of the same order that also included one of the yarns for the Ice Cream Social shawl. They were also on sale!

Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant of Echo and The Bunnymen

It’s an easy pattern to follow so it was perfect for train knitting. Once in the city, there was plenty to do and see, including my favorite band later that evening. until then, my friend Jim and I had fun exploring comic and game stores, book stores (I can spend a whole day at least browsing The Strand) and even a stop at Knitty City for some yarn.

Not much got done on Inverness on that trip but it didn’t take me long to finish it once I was back home. In fact, I had it done by show and tell night at the fall knitting retreat the following week. Somehow I never took photos of the finished shawl, so I laid it out on the kitchen table to do that last night.

It looked better when it was freshly blocked

I am now halfway through the last of the lace sections in the second half of the shawl and then it’s done. This is a show and tell project for the spring retreat, so final photos will have to wait until May.

Next up, a little project with my own hand-spun yarn. Stay tuned!

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