Good morning and happy Saturday! I am so ready for spring. It has been a long winter in this small house working from home most of the week with dogs that can’t get outside long enough to get a proper tiring run. The recent warm weather has reminded me again of the downside of early spring. Moop. Part mud, part dog poop, and it’s everywhere outside!

A friend asked a general question on Facebook recently. Do you struggle with procrastination? My answer. No. I’m quite good at it.

Current proof: my green hat project. It has been sitting on the table in my craft room like this for a few weeks now. Well, not quite like this. It was balled up. I had to open it up to take the picture.

It’s next to me every day, all day, while I sit in that room at the table I set up for work, and underneath the violin on the wall that I take down to practice every day. Not having much of anywhere to go to even need a hat could be part of the reason I felt no rush to finish it. Having such a poor track record with personal project deadlines that I no longer bother trying to set them is still the biggest factor. It’s easy to lose track of how much time you have been working (or not working) on a project when it has no time requirements. 

This hat is on my agenda to complete this morning. It’s early and it’s quiet. The dogs have eaten and gone back to sleep. I won’t see them or Michael for at least a couple more hours. A good chunk of my day will be spent in the basement. I’m close to having space to use this loom and in anticipation of that, I’m going to clean up the parts and assemble it here where I have the space and the light to do so.


There are other things that I’ve been working on in anticipation of using this loom too. I’ll have more to write about those when I get closer to being able to use it. When will that be? Whenever it happens. I’m not even going to try and set a a deadline.

Have a great weekend! 

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