Oh, Bernie Where Art Thou?

Good morning and happy Saturday! What a fantastic week it’s been, huh? Less than three weeks ago the nation’s Capitol was being stormed by homegrown terrorists fed on hate and lies by the former occupant of the Oval Office and his seditious supporters in an insurrection that left a Capitol Police officer dead. Don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever let the lying traitors who amplified the hate and lies and the calls to overturn a fair election by any means necessary forget that they’re responsible. There needs to be accountability for that.

Fast forward two weeks and the scene at the nation’s Capitol could not have been more different. No rioting, no violence, no hate, and no dead Capitol Police officers. What we saw instead was a display of class, compassion, and commitment to the ideals that make this country great; fairness and equality for everyone, freedom of speech, freedom of and FROM religion, and facts. We saw fairly elected leaders who care about this country and its people and are committed to enacting policies that help all of us and not just themselves. 

One of the greatest leaders we were privileged to witness on Wednesday does not hold elected office. At least not yet. And I sincerely hope that one day I will get to witness this brilliant and inspiring young woman place her hand on the bible and solemnly swear to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and to the best of her Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the sun shone brightest while she was speaking that day. 

The most unexpected Inaugural sensation on the internet is a curmudgeonly Senator from Vermont, bundled up in his coat and mittens, looking (validly?) more than a little pissed that he’s not taking that oath. I proudly voted for Joe Biden but will admit I’m a Bernie Bro too. 

If you haven’t seen the Bernie memes that have overtaken social media, congratulations! To be honest, I’m tired of the memes. They were really great at first and there’s a lot of them I really do like but then they started reaching really hard. This one is my favorite. 

Those mittens! Yes!  There are several options on Ravelry. There will probably be more. It didn’t take the fiber community long and I just love that.



I have printed a couple of them and am going to stash dive this weekend to see what I have that might work. I love my gloves, but I’m developing a new appreciation for mittens. 

That’s it for me this morning. Stay safe, wear your mask, and have a great weekend! I am going to enjoy my coffee and my hat project. It is coming along nicely. I am in love with this texture!



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