On the road again…

Good morning and happy Saturday! Yes, happy. This was an indisputably shitty week, but it ended on a high note with Twitter and Google taking a firm stance against the lies and hate propagated by the shitbag in the Oval Office and his cult of terrorist followers. If we all shine more light there will be fewer places the cockroaches have to hide.

I took a drive with Jade on Wednesday to meet up with her handler so she could go out for several more weeks of shows. I had a nice road trip playlist on my phone to listen to and there was lots of singing along on my part. This was typical for my road trips with Halo when she was showing. I brought her to practically every show and those were all pretty much here in the northeast, either New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or New Jersey.

Jade’s previous trips with her handler have taken her to a few more states. I was incredibly impressed with how much better she was in the car this time on the drive to meet up. She’s become a well traveled dog and I think that’s great! I miss doing all the driving to the various shows though, so I enjoyed my drive with Jade on Wednesday, and there was no crying on the way home this time.

So now I have a few weeks of hopefully peace and quiet in the house. We love Jade, but we will readily admit she is the cause of pretty much every disruption to everything we do. She has boundless energy to expend still, so rather than let her find her own ways to stay entertained I will gladly toss a toy, tug a rope, and weather permitting, go outside for some frisbee time. A tired dog is a good dog, and Jade is so sweet and snuggly when she’s tired.

Now I have more time to knit and I just started a new hat project. The pattern is called the Jasper Toque.   It’s done with sock yarn, preferably self striping and it is a simple enough stitch pattern for TV knitting but still has enough to not be completely mindless. I don’t wear a lot of knit hats and thick ones make me overheat quickly, and the unique construction of this hat makes for a nice comfortable fit. I have knit one before and it is by far my favorite when I need a knit hat.

The yarn is Wisco Sock from Ewetopia in a colorway called Olive. I got it at CeCe’s Wool in Guilderland over the summer and I think it is the only actual in store yarn purchase I made this past year. That’s something I hope I can do more of in the coming year. 

That’s all for now. I have knitting to do and no puppy to interrupt me. Have a great weekend! 

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