Rhinebeck Memories

Good morning and happy Saturday! 

For the last week or so Facebook has been reminding me on a daily basis of all the good times I have had with friends over the years at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. “Rhinebeck” didn’t happen this year in a physical aspect that we have come to know it, and understandably so. It would be an impossible event to pull off. No amount of safety protocols would be sufficient.

I don’t miss those crowds one bit. I do miss catching up with friends at the festival including many who are vendors. I miss our annual Men’s Knitting Retreat Meet-Up which had been growing in size every year. I miss the smell of fair food and the sound of the Peruvian musicians everywhere you go. I miss the beautiful drive down and back on the Taconic Parkway. Really, this part of New York is absolutely stunning this time of year.  

I think most of all I miss having a house full of guests, even though it was often more people than a small house with one bathroom should ever have. We would retreat back to Albany at the end of a hard day battling rabid fiber fanatics on the fairgrounds to show off our treasures and share a home cooked meal put together by my awesome husband. A large meal too, because that’s how we roll here. There have been turkey dinners, ham dinners, corned beef dinners, and enough beef stew to feed an army, fresh bread, and a bottle of New York wine (usually purchased at the fairgrounds that day) or three. All topped off with something decadent for dessert. 

Rhinebeck was more like Amazon Prime day this year, and everyone bought their goodies from the comfort of their own homes, leaving ours unusually quiet for this time of year. I look forward to being able to fill the house with friends again. 

There is another reason this house is unusually quiet now too, and I’ll have more about that next week. 

Have a great weekend!

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