Project Progress

Good morning and happy Saturday!

I have made some progress this week on my sweater project. During a binge of the second season of ‘The Flash’ I managed to get the front and back pieces joined together with stitch markers in preparation for proper seaming. The stitch markers are attached at roughly the same point on each piece and as I work my way up to each, I should have no extra stitches on either side before the markers. However, since they are only ‘roughly’ the same point on either side, I expect to be making some adjustments. Both pieces are the same number of rows from the bottom to where the sleeve opening begins, so ultimately, there should be no extra stitches by the time I finish each side.

I am so glad to have this sweater closer to done. It will be a while before it is anywhere near cool enough to wear. We’ve had a hell of a summer so far. The kind of summer that makes owning a pool worth all the work. Too bad we took ours down this year. The wall was rusting badly and it was only a matter of time before it failed. I’m still not sorry to see it go, but Halo and Jade might be. Running around the pool chasing each other is one of their favorite games. We have plans for the back yard now that we have more of it to enjoy, and when temperatures make working in the back yard a little less grueling, I will get started on that.

During another evening binge watching the same season of the same TV show, I managed to finish the first sock from my my ‘Firecracker’ sock yarn from Dragonfly Fibers. These colors are simply stunning, and there is nothing like a handknit sock made exactly to your foot measurements. Like my sweater though, it will be a while before I need these, which gives me plenty of time to complete this sock’s mate.

We took a HUGE leap of faith a couple weeks back and stopped crating Jade while we are out of the house. We don’t go out often, and never for long. Jade and Halo have the living room and kitchen, and all the other rooms are closed off to them, including the room where the boys still have a crate for when we are out. Luckily, Jade has been a superstar about it, so I decided it was time to take her crate out of my craft room and reclaim that space. I set up the 32″ Kromski Harp that I acquired last fall at an estate sale, and pulled a couple of differently variegated yarns to weave a simple scarf. The fabric looks pretty much like I expected it would and I really like it. The hints of purple from the warp yarn add a nice subtle touch.

That is all I have for this morning. I have to log onto work soon and join a conference call for some weekend upgrade projects going on there, and then spending some time on our basement cleanout project, which I will have more on next week.

Stay dry today. Or not. Dancing in the rain can be fun but if there’s thunder and lightning, please don’t. Stay safe and healthy too, and wear your damn mask when you’re out in public and unable to maintain a safe social distance!

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