Slow progress is still progress, right?

Good morning and happy Saturday! Is it hot enough for you? If it isn’t right now, it will be. I have nothing important on my plate today Because of the temperatures and humidity we are expecting. If we go anywhere, it will be to the farmer’s market with the girls. Not that we necessarily need anything as I’m not entirely sure I’m even cooking outside today, but Jade definitely needs some more leash experience and socialization.

Since it is going to be a mostly inside day, I want to focus on getting this dog sweater finished. Up until now, all the changes I have made to the pattern based on updated measurements for its recipient have been working out.

Right now I am at the shoulders (again) ready to cast on and close up the front leg holes (for the third time) and continue decreasing to the neck but something is wrong. What I have on my needles doesn’t match up to what my diagram suggests I should for this point in the pattern, and I’m struggling to figure out where things went wrong, or if things are even wrong at all. It was late the other night when I discovered this and I was tired so I put it away.

Frogging and picking up stitches for the third time

Since my last post I have managed to mostly complete getting the guest room back in order and getting my craft room back in order as well. We had a little incident one afternoon where the door to Jade’s crate was not completely secured and when I came home from work to let her out she was waiting by the door to the room instead of waiting at the door to her crate. Surprisingly, nothing was chewed, damaged, or destroyed, but knowing this could happen again, I took some precautions and did not hang any handspun yarn from the pegs on the shelf that my spindles hang from.

She only looks sweet and innocent

Similar precautionary measures are commonplace in every room of the house right now. The worst is the garage where we used to be able to keep an assortment of shoes handy for use only in the yard. Now our sneakers and flip-flops are kept well out of the reach of those razor sharp puppy teeth.

That’s it for this morning. I’m off to shower and dress so we can get our outside activities done before it gets too hot.have a great weekend!

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