Retreat Excitement!

Good morning and happy Saturday! In just a few hours, at 10:00 AM, registration for the second Northeast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat will open. Last year’s fall retreat was an incredible success. Registration opened at about the same time in May and was kind of slow. We were weren’t sure what to expect as the spring retreat sells out in minutes after registration opens. We were still selling rooms for the first fall retreat right up to about three weeks before the event, so I am very interested to see if that is different this year.

The Adirondack Wool and Arts Festival is a bit later in September this year than it normally has been, and we were very glad that Easton Mountain was able to accommodate us that weekend so we could continue to have our retreat coincide with the nearby fiber festival. We had quite a large group of guys attend the festival as our official field trip activity on Saturday during the retreat.

I am hoping that given the success of the last retreat, this year’s retreat will fill up a bit more quickly. We shall see.

Next weekend is the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and I am really very excited for it. It and the fall retreat may very well be my only “vacations” this year, and I put that in quotes purposely because these retreats are so much more than that. But in the sense that they are an opportunity to get away somewhere, relax, and have some fun, vacation is an appropriate enough word. I will still take as much of my accrued paid time off as I can this summer, but it will be for other reasons. More on that another time.

There is a growing pile of stuff in the corner of my craft room that I will need to bring up to Easton Mountain for the retreat, possibly on Tuesday night this week. That will make a big dent in the temporary clutter in my craft room. I have been on a mission to de clutter and reorganize my craft room as much as possible lately. More on that another time, too.

A little later on today, we are heading to the Tulip Festival for a bit. For this morning I am continuing to ply the gradient. It is going to be a long slow process, much like spinning the singles was. I began yesterday and only spent about an hour plying before I had to move onto other things, and there doesn’t look like much on the bobbin for as much time as I spent. As 10:00 approaches, I will prepare to post in the Facebook and Ravelry retreat groups with a link to the registration page for the fall retreat, which also goes live at 10:00.

Have a great weekend!

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