I should have done this a long time ago.

Good morning and happy Saturday! My rigid heddle loom has been living at my brother’s house since the fall men’s knitting retreat. It came home last weekend after we had dinner at my brother’s to celebrate his birthday. I knew it would come home eventually, so I planned for that back when I bought the jumbo flyer for my Kromski Polonaise and got the Kromski travel bag for my Harp loom.

I wasn’t sure how much of the stand and extra heddles and accessories I would be able to fit inside the bag with the loom. It is quite a lot of stuff. Well, not only did it hold everything that my brother had, I was able to fit what few remaining accessories I had at home along with a couple more rolls of brown kraft paper.

That is pretty impressive. In my tiny craft room, things that can pack away neatly and easily when I don’t need them is essential. Packing it away completely is a bonus. There were always extra heddles, stick shuttles, and pickup sticks taking up space in a bin when my loom and stand were put away. Now everything can be packed in the bag and put away, freeing up more space.

For now, I have set my loom up for a quick scarf project.

The targhee gradient is coming along slowly but very nicely. I have just started the last bobbin of the dark pink to black singles.

This is what I have completed so far.

That’s all for this morning. I am off to spin for a bit. Later this afternoon I am singing the the national anthem with the Albany Gay Men’s Chorus at the Albany Bombers annual Blue and White Fundraiser game . I think we are doing a few songs from our upcoming spring concert at intermission too. Come check us out!

3 thoughts on “I should have done this a long time ago.”

  1. My ex used to have a weaving loom – for the 16 years we were married, I think she used it maybe … never. And she wouldn’t sell it, because she swore she would get involved in some weaving project down the road. The only thing that loom ever produced was dust bunnies.


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