One step closer to done

I have very little that is fiber related to share this week. The targhee gradient project is coming along nicely.

Yes that is a 90% silver 1962 dime.

What I do have an update on is the bathroom remodel. Yes, I know that remodel was “done” quite some time time ago. Understand that most house projects here are like a ‘Family Guy’ gag. During that remodel I finally put the trim up on the inside of the front door that I put in a number of years earlier. So the lack of proper painting of the bathroom walls has gone on for so long it stopped being funny.

I took yesterday day off to tackle that part of the project, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was tempted to ditch the gray we agreed on for the upper part of the walls and go with a bold color, but I do quite like the gray now that it is up.

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I do not like painting so I am glad I went with the option that guarantees I would only have to do it once. The gray required two coats so I have technically done it twice already. It’s a small room and that may not seem like that much work, and you’re right. But gripping paint brushes and rollers all day and climbing up and down to reach the upper walls and ceiling has aggravated my hands and my knees. Activity that I do not normally engage in will do that. It’s no big deal, and something I am used to, so today I am taking it easy. Some spinning time will help.

That’s it for now. At some point this weekend the lower part of the walls will get a fresh coat of white, a new mirror/medicine cabinet will be installed, and a new door and trim should go up and we will pretty much be able to call the bathroom completely done. Have a great weekend!

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