Targhee progress

Good morning and happy Saturday! For the first morning in at least a couple of weeks I did not wake up an hour or two before my regular time. First on my agenda after I have showered and dressed is a haircut. Once that is done I hope to spend the rest of the morning finishing up the second bobbin of the first half of my targhee gradient project.

The first layers

There were twelve batts when I started, each split into two pieces equal in weight as this will be a two ply yarn. I began spinning with the all pink batt working towards the all black batt. I fit the first six batts on a bobbin and decided to stop there to begin the first six batts for the second single on another bobbin.

My plan is to spin all of the singles before I begin plying. Remember, I started with four ounces of each color, so this will be an eight ounce skein of laceweigt yarn. This is a project that I knew from the start would have to be done in stages due to the size of my wheel’s bobbins.

This targhee is a joy to spin, as targhee often is. It has taken me a while to spin the first half of this project but you have to consider that most of my spinning time is 15 to 20 minutes on weekday mornings. I am spinning these singles much finer than I normally spin any fiber, and using an appropriate ratio to make that as efficient as I can. So it’s a good thing I’m enjoying it because it will be a while before I can start plying.

That’s it for this morning. I’ll have more to,say about my plan for plying next Saturday. Have a great weekend!

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