The New Girl

On our way home from Provincetown last Saturday, before we got off the cape, we made a quick stop in Barnstable, Massachusetts. For most of our vacation we kept to no specific plan or schedule, deciding what to do as we go. This stop in Barnstable was different, and had been part of the plan for weeks.

Back at the beginning of June, Halo’s breeder, Lori, called me to see if we might be interesting in having another pharaoh hound come to live with us. I had told her in November when Halo and I were visiting for the Purina National Dog Show that Michael and I were open to taking in a dog should she need to re-home one. Well, that’s exactly what she needed to do, and she thought the dog would be a good fit here.

Michael and I had to discuss it first, and it honestly took a bit more time than the half a second you’d think it would for us to make that decision. It would mean a lot of changes here. Not insignificant changes either. Still not entirely sure when we would be able to get this dog, and wanting to keep it somewhat of a surprise until we knew it was a definite thing, I did something I hate. Vaguebooking .

The responses are funny. Some friends recalled the expectant mother marketing list I landed on a few years back, but I think most knew exactly what was happening. Privately, we did tell a lot of friends, but we still kept it mostly under wraps until we had our new addition home with us. Thus the stop in Barnstable, and that part of the plan wasn’t put into place until a few weeks prior to our vacation. Lori had timed the start of her vacation on the cape with the end of ours and we spent the rest of our journey home with the prettiest traveling companion you could imagine.

This is Cher (CH Osiris I Got You Babe). She is two and a half years old, has finished her Champion title (the CH in her full name), is still intact (puppies?), and is such an easygoing love bug. Cher is from a different litter and from different parents than Halo. She is a little bigger than Halo, a little lighter in color, and with different white markings.

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Both girls are absolutely beautiful and very well bred. Evidence of that shows in temperament as much as it does in looks, as it should. These girls are so easygoing, friendly, playful, and affectionate. Of course, a pharaoh hound wouldn’t be a pharaoh hound if we didn’t add in mischievously intelligent, cunning, and manipulative. Cher is a goofball and a sweetheart all wrapped up in one pretty package just like her new ‘sister’ Halo, and they have been getting along like the best of pharaoh hound friends from the minute they met.

In her first week here Cher has met many of our friends, and a couple of our friends’ dogs, and she’s learned the fun of running along the fence with the springer spaniels who live next door. She counter surfs, and is constantly opening the bi-fold pantry door to see what she can get. Nothing that we haven’t seen before, but must always be vigilant about. She’s mindful of the fence, and even the gate system we us inside the house to restrict access to some rooms. So far. I dread the thought of coming home one day to see all of my yarn and fiber from my craft room shredded all over the house, but I seriously doubt that will happen.

What do Flash and Monticello, our Italian greyhound boys, think of their new sister? They got to meet her first when we got home last weekend, and they both love her. But seriously, how could you not? I know it has only been a week, but it feels like Cher has been here a lot longer. And that’s not a bad thing. She just fits in so well.

That’s all for this morning. It looks like it’s going to be dry this afternoon so get out and enjoy it, and have a good weekend!

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