The Cardarelle Wheel Finds a New Home

Good morning and happy Saturday! Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. The cute little Cardarelle upright wheel that I fell even more in love with after its recent refinishing, has found a new home.

I found I wasn’t using it enough to justify keeping it in our limited square footage so I decided to take it with me to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat with a price tag on it. I donated a portion of the sale price to the Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund. By Saturday afternoon at the retreat one of the guys had arranged the sale and the wheel went home with him on Sunday when the retreat ended.

It is a charming little wheel that I have so enjoyed using and really getting to know very intimately, if you will, through the process of refinishing it. I still cannot believe how incredible it looks, and particularly the Clemes style replacement treadle that Skip Watt made. This Cardarelle upright is a well built, sturdy little workhorse and I am so happy to know that it is going to a good home where it will used and enjoyed as it should.

Speaking of equipment that needs to be used as it should, my rigid heddle loom which has spent the last few months folded up in the corner has gone home with my brother Steven, who also attended the retreat. Every year I provide it for the weaving workshop and it has gone home with guys from the retreat before. (don’t judge!)

Steven wanted to spend some more time weaving, and I have a bag of books and other tools he may need that I still haven’t given him since we’ve been home from the retreat. Not that there hasn’t been ample opportunity because I see him every week at chorus rehearsals too. I do promise to have more to say about that, but not today.

Have a great weekend!

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