Everything is coming together

Good morning and happy Saturday! Spring is finally doing its thing and I could not be happier. The same goes for our dogs. They have all been enjoying longer periods of time outside and occasional walks through the neighborhood. I have accomplished a little bit of yard work, but there is much more to do. It still seems a little early to think about opening the pool, but that is exactly what is on my mind I am sure I am not the only one hoping for a much better summer than we had last year.

Inside the house this morning I am getting my Lendrum cleaned up and ready to go out with me today to a little one on one spinning coaching with a friend. I hate saying this, but I do not remember the last time I had my Lendrum out of its bag and set up for use. It would have to have been out somewhere because I really no longer use this wheel at home. My primary wheel that I have been spinning almost everything on since pretty much the day I got it is my Kromski Polonaise.

Hello again, old friend

It isn’t that I dislike my Lendrum. No, far from it. It is an awesome wheel and I absolutely love it. But I might just love the Polonaise a little more. Maybe not when it comes to portability, but as an “at home” wheel it is ideal. I am more comfortable sitting at my Polonaise for longer sessions than I am my Lendrum, and space concerns in my craft room mean that my Lendrum now pretty much spends most of its time in its bag.

The almost two pounds of brown roving that a friend had left behind here on one of his last visits was my latest completed large project. Almost all of the singles for this were spun while I listened to recordings of chorus rehearsal sessions while I followed along with my sheet music on a stand. How’s that for multi-tasking? The roving was really well prepared which made not having to look at it much very easy to do.

Plying all of this was done in as much silence as I could get. Listening to anything while I ply makes me lose my treadling rhythm, resulting in an inconsistent ply. I filled my Kromski bobbins as consistently as I could so that each skein would be as similar in weight and yardage as possible. Two of those skeins went home with my friend on his last visit here a couple of weekends ago. I need to re-skein the remainder and get an accurate yardage measurement. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

That’s all for this morning. Like I said, I’ll be heading out for some spinning time with a friend today, as well as another chorus rehearsal session this morning. I am going to have a lot more to say about the Albany Gay Men’s Chorus and my experience with it as a new member really soon, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

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