Thanks for the reminder

Good morning and happy Saturday! Facebook’s handy “on this day” feature reminded me that our bathroom remodel took place last year at this time. It was honestly the most embarrassing room in the house, and we would often apologize to first time visitors if they needed to use it. If you weren’t a first time visitor and needed to use the bathroom here, well, you knew what to expect and were obviously going in there willingly so there was no apologizing for it.

After one year of living with the remodeled bathroom I still look at that new tile floor like Nancy looked at Ronnie every time I walk in to the room. It is my absolute favorite thing about the whole project.

There is a bit of a running joke about the bathroom remodel too. A year long running joke. We still haven’t painted. We picked out several shades of gray that we thought we’d like to paint the room and put them all up on the walls in various places. What we decided was our favorite was nice, but we never committed and completed painting.

Spring turned into summer and we justified not painting because no one likes doing that in the summer heat. By September or October I was over the gray. During the winter I looked at the walls and started to imagine them with actual color on them. Not just a neutral. And so here we are one full year later with six new paint samples to try.

I also know that this blog is coming up on it’s one year anniversary in a few days too. During parts of the bathroom project last year where I had nothing to do, I worked on getting the blog pages set up and ready to go live. I set out with a grand plan to republish as much of my old content from the TU blog as possible, but that hasn’t quite happened yet. The drafts still outnumber the published posts. I keep working on them though. As Facebook reminds me of when I shared links to those blog posts that are still in my drafts, I will add the original date information to the draft for when I’m ready to re-publish it.

The last few weeks have been slow for the blog because I have been busy with not exactly so many things, but busy giving a lot of my time and efforts into a few things and they haven’t been fiber related. That’s not to say there aren’t fibery things happening here. I just haven’t had much time to write about them. I will soon. I promise.

Until then, have a great weekend. Get outside and enjoy because we’ve been waiting so long for a nice day like this.

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