On this day…

Good morning and happy Saturday! Is it possible the groundhog was wrong? The weather has been and looks like it’s going to continue to be rather spring like. That is in no way a complaint. Sure, the mud is a constant nuisance as the dogs seem to bring it in faster than we can clean it up but the closer we get to the days when I can leave the windows open on a regular basis the better. This past Wednesday’s temps in the 70s were a tease.

I am going to sit down and do some spinning this morning with my headphones on and with my music stand in front of me so that I can read along with what I will be listening to. Yes, I know that’s vague, but that’s not the point. I began spinning a new project on my Polonaise last weekend and I seem to be sailing through it quite nicely. Which is good because I have two pounds of this fiber and my plan is to spin all of it.

My Polonaise three years ago on the day I brought it home.

Facebook reminded me earlier in the week through its “On This Day” feature that it was three years that the Polonaise came to me, and I was reminded of how much I struggled with it when I first met it at Trumpet Hill at least a year, possibly two, before that. I took the wheel for a test drive one day while I was in the shop, and it must not have been adjusted properly, and there are a lot of adjustments to make depending on how you are spinning (either single or double drive). Also, I didn’t understand how to adjust it properly, so it isn’t a surprise that I didn’t make friends with the Polonaise when I first met it. But having purchased the wheel three years ago I kind of had to commit to learning how to adjust it properly, and boy am I glad I did.

The Polonaise this morning.

The Polonaise is so comfortable for me and it performs so nicely, and I often think about how lucky I was to be able to even get this wheel. I thought this again at the start of this project when I saw how quickly the bobbin was filling up considering how fine I was spinning the singles. I should note that it certainly doesn’t hurt that the roving I am spinning is beautifully prepared and drafts easily. This makes conditions perfect for me to divert my eyes from the task for most of the time, relying only on my hands and my sense of touch to maintain consistency in what I am spinning. It isn’t easy, but it is doable.

That’s all I have for this morning. Have a great weekend, and get outside and enjoy it as much as possible.

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