Fun with handwoven fabric (Part 2)

Good morning and happy Saturday! We have a lot going on outside the house today so I do not have much time to write this morning. I did want to at least show off the results of last weekend’s sewing adventures.

The handwoven green fabric was destined to become pillow covers pretty much from the start of the project. There was just enough fabric to make two double sided covers for the standard 18″ pillow forms from Joann’s. My alternative plan, if necessary, was to back the pillows with a solid color neutral (probably black) but I am glad I did not have to go that route.

Zippers are one of my least favorite things to sew into something. My Singer machine has a zipper foot that makes it a bit easier, but zippers in general will probably always be pain in the butt for me. Overall, I am really pleased with how these came out.

The other pieces of fabric that I worked with were destined to be a scarf, but my failure to consider the very subtle gradient nature of the yarn I used as the weft resulted in three distinctly different colored blocks of weaving throughout the length of the fabric. One block represents each time the shuttle was filled with the weft yarn. Had I wound the yarn on the shuttles correctly, the gradient change would have been basically seamless.

Still, these three small pieces of fabric were put to good use. One piece became a long bag wide enough to hold a drop spindle and a bit of fiber. Another slightly smaller piece became a smaller bag that will eventually get a drawstring and be used to hold dice or possibly some other components of one of our favorite board games.

The third piece was considerably longer than the other two, and when cut in half, gave me two pieces of fabric that were the perfect length to become sleeves for carrying my Russian spindles in. One of my spindles came with a handy PVC sleeve that keeps it quite well protected, but as soon as a bit of yarn begins to accumulate on the spindle, it no longer fits in the PVC sleeve. These fabric sleeves, while less rigid and protective, are wider and should easily fit a spindle with a modest copp, and just like the pillow covers, I’m very happy with how they turned out.

That’s all for today. I have time for a little bit of spinning before I need to start getting some other stuff done. Have a great weekend!

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