Spinning Jacob

Good morning and happy Saturday! I am listening to the sound of sleet hitting the front window as I write, and I am glad I have no plans to go anywhere today. If you do, please drive carefully.

There are several projects for me to work on in my craft room when I finish up here. I will likely continue with a spinning project that I began a couple weeks ago that is almost done. Then it becomes a plying project.

I had a total of nine ounces of this beautiful Jacob roving from Marsh Mallo Farm . Each three ounce bundle of roving includes about an ounce each of the two different colors in a normal Jacob fleece, and an ounce of them blended (I think 50/50).Jacob is not next-to-skin soft for most people, but I don’t think I’d mind it as a scarf, depending on how it is made.

I have finished spinning the singles for the white roving and the blended roving, and I am well on my way to finishing up the brown roving soon. My intention from the start was to make three separate yarns, white, brown, and the blend, when I ply the singles, and I will still do that.

Ooh, that does look nice!

Over the course of spinning the singles though, I began to think about the three shades of Jacob plied together. I do love the look of that type of yarn. So while I will stick to my original plan and ply a skein of each color, rather than divide up the remaining singles to make more yardage of each color, I will ply the remaining amounts of the three different colors together to get a fourth skein. It will be made up of the same singles as the the other three, but still be uniquely different from them at the same time. Having some idea of the finished yarn weight, I think I have the perfect project in mind to make use of all four colors.

That’s it for now. I need more coffee, then I’m off to spin. Sleet is still hitting the front window and now the street out front looks covered in it. Yep, I am glad I am staying in today.

3 thoughts on “Spinning Jacob”

  1. I recently spun some Jacob for the first time. I spun it very rusticly (is that a word?) which was quite a departure for me. I chain plied it into an Aran weight yarn, and knit it into a hat for the husby. He loves it.


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