Tying up loose ends

Good morning and Happy Saturday! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

If you haven’t finished knitting the Christmas gifts you planned for this year, I hope you are simultaneously reading and knitting because you are running out of time. I choose not to subject myself to that pressure. The relaxing, peaceful craft that brings me joy often ceases to when deadlines are introduced, and I’m terrible at planning projects so far ahead that a deadline shouldn’t matter. I am also terrible about committing to a knitting project from start to finish without taking a break in between to work on something else for a bit. Yeah, monogamy. I am not good at that when it comes to my knitting projects.

However, other than a sock, the mate to the first one I was knitting last year at Christmas time, I had no other knitting projects on the needles for several months. During my time dressed as Santa and taking pictures with pets this year, I got to catch up with the people who won the gift certificates for a hand knit IG sweater at our annual picnic back in June. We discussed which of their dogs the sweater would be for, colors, and other details. I recently cast on for one of these sweaters, and may cast on the second before I finish with the first one.

This morning I am finishing up some weaving projects. A couple of these scarves have been off my rigid heddle loom and sitting in a pile in the corner for long enough. I recently finished a third one and I figured before I start any more, I should finish up the ends on these, tie knots, and twist fringes. The recently finished purple scarf on top on that photo is eventually going to get machine sewn edges with no fringe. It will also get cut in half to make two scarves because that piece of fabric is certainly long enough for it.

That’s all I have for this week. At some point this morning, hopefully the roads will be clean and clear, I have to drop my car off with my mechanic for some work. Merry Christmas, little green Kia, you’re getting new front brakes.

And Merry Christmas to you too!

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