Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Good morning, and happy Saturday! I drove down to Pennsylvania with Halo on Thursday for a weekend of dog shows, including the Purina National Dog Show . She really is a superstar on road trips. She nestled into her crate in the back of my car and I didn’t hear a peep from her the whole drive.

JaJa, Cher, and Halo

We are staying with her breeder, who has four of her own dogs living with her. Halo was a little nervous at first, but she fit right in quickly.

Friday’s show turned out great for us and Halo picked up a 5 point major. In fact, Friday was good for pharaoh hounds all around, and last I heard, a pharaoh hound won the Hound Group. We are back again this morning for an early ring time, and I hope we are as successful today as were yesterday.

Of course I brought knitting with me. I have socks that are easy to pick up and put down and not lose track of where I am. I have not worked on them much since I have been here, and I left them at the show site last night because I knew it would be pointless to try and get any knitting done at home with five dogs running around.

This is a great place to show of the sweet project bag a friend made for me for my birthday. She had taken a picture of Halo that I posted to Facebook and had fabric printed with it, then made the project bag, basing its construction on one that I had give to her for her birthday the previous month. I didn’t sew hers myself though.

We are here for the duration of the show today, even after our ring time. This is what’s called a “benched” show where exhibitors basically camp out in their grooming area with their dogs, and the public can walk around and meet the breeds, the breeders, and handlers. It is for that reason, a lot of folks in the dog show circuit don’t like benched shows, but it is exactly the reason I do. I really enjoy that part because I get to check out all the other dogs too.

That’s all for today. I’m off to enjoy the rest of the show and get kisses from as many dogs as possible. Have a great weekend everyone!

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