Spinning a Pixie and then off to the fair

Good morning and happy Saturday! It’s going to be a beautiful late summer day and we are going to spend part of it at the the Altamont Fair. We like to go early and visit with all the farm animals, stroll through the exhibits, grab some lunch, and then get tossed around and turned upside down on a few rides. Yes, AFTER lunch. By this point in the day the sun is high in the sky and the midway is beginning to get crowded, and I have usually had enough of both, so we will head home to hopefully get a little more use out of the pool while we can. But first, I am going to do a little spinning this morning.

Despite having unfinished weaving and knitting projects, and despite telling myself that I would take another break from spinning after the Tour de Fleece so I could finish those unfinished weaving and knitting projects, I simply could not resist starting another spinning project.

The fiber is a “Pixie Batt” from Susan’s Spinning Bunny that has been in my stash, tempting me, for a while now. This batt is a blend of Merino, Black & Blue Face Leicester, Tencel, silk, Corriedale, llama, Falkland, and Polwarth, and just a touch of Angelina.

The singles are a beautiful, muted green with the different layers of fibers in the batt producing some slight variegation. I will spin all of the batt onto one Kromski bobbin* and then re-wind onto multiple storage bobbins before beginning to ply. I am not sure yet if I will do a 2 ply or 3 ply yarn yet, but I am leaning towards 2 ply.

I’d like to say I will take another break from spinning after this to finish up my unfinished stuff. We’ll see if that actually happens.

That’s it for this morning. I’m off to spin for a bit. Have a great day!

* I have a partial bobbin of singles that was the beginning of this project, but that bobbin was making a ridiculous amount of noise no matter how much oil I gave it, so I swapped it out. I want to talk more about chattering bobbins next week.

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