TDF results and fiber Trekking in Provincetown

Good morning and happy Saturday!

How did you do in the Tour de Fleece? I managed to finish all of my spinning and even started plying my Razzle Berries before the start of last weekend. It’s a good thing we were given a little extra time after the tour was over to finish up our plying too, as I was away last weekend, but more about that later.

My Razzle Berries merino and silk blend became a 2 ply yarn measuring 714 yards and weighing 3.5 ounces. There was about half an ounce of “plying waste” which is what I end up winding off one of the storage bobbins to keep the color sections as lined up as possible. Sometimes I save what I remove and wind it onto another small storage bobbin. These get added to a collection of other miscellaneous leftovers from other spinning projects for making “crazy skens.” I didn’t do that this time, though. My collection of leftovers has grown large enough.

My baby camel that I had been spinning on my Russian and Tibetan style spindles became a 3 ply yarn measuring 94 yards and weighing in at a whopping 5/8ths of an ounce. It joins a skein of previously spun baby camel that I had plied before starting my TDF plying. This is really lovely stuff, and I have a bunch more of it to spin.

While I didn’t spin the most yardage for our team, I did spin the most yards per pound on our team, based on what I did spin, which someone calculated as 3264 yards per pound.

I could have spun more yardage on the baby camel over the weekend. Michael and I went to Provincetown with a friend for the weekend. He stayed all week and we came home on Monday. I bought the baby camel and my Tibetan style spindle in the hopes of finding some time to do a little spinning. Perhaps on the beach. While there was some beach time on Saturday, as well as some time on Saturday in our condo, I did no spinning throughout the weekend.

Provincetown – 1998

We did do a LOT of walking around Provincetown both days checking out various shops and galleries. It felt much different than the last time we were there 19 years ago.

Provincetown – 2017

It wasn’t as crowded, and the crowds that were there were much more mixed than I remember from our previous visit. It could have just been the timing of our visit, but I have heard other people say the same thing about Provincetown in general.

One new shop that opened up last year that I was excited to visit is Purl a lovely little yarn shop owned by Ryan Cooke who I had the pleasure of meeting last year at our Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat. This is a small shop but they have a great selection of yarn, needles, and notions. Some of the yarn is produced by local (local-ish, as it is the tip of the Cape) farms and indie dyers. As always, I was way too busy feeling everything to take any pictures beyond the one of the storefront. You can see more pictures of the shop on their Facebook page.

I am never one to walk out of a yarn shop without buying something, and whenever I am in a shop I haven’t been to before, I always look for the stuff I don’t see in my local shops. Purl is full of stuff I haven’t seen before, so it was tough to decide. Ultimately, I settled on two 615 yard skeins of worsted weight Targhee yarn from Dirty Water Dyeworks , and a Purl t-shirt.

That’s all this morning. We have a busy day ahead of us with lots to do, including taking two pharaoh hounds to the groomer. We have a weekend house guest who has gotten a little dirty since she’s been here, especially in the ears, so she will accompany Halo on her weekly pawdicure visit later this morning.

Have a great weekend!

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