TdF 2017 Progress

Good morning and happy Saturday! Here are the daily pics of my Tour de Fleece progress. Between the start of the Tour on Saturday and Thursday evening I filled the first bobbin with one half of the merino/silk blend in the Razzle Berries colorway.

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Rather than start a new bobbin, I spent the remainder of the evening catching up on Fear The Walking Dead and spinning some of the baby camel on my Russian spindle that Jim made. Or, as I stated when I posted the picture on Facebook, I spent the evening colluding with this Russian.

It is a small spindle, but the bocote wood that it is made of is very hard and dense, making it kind of heavy for its size.

On Friday morning I started the second bobbin with the second half of the Razzle Berries merino/silk. This picture, as well as the first one in the slideshow above, are good examples of how I like to lay out the “foundation layer” when I start a fresh bobbin on my Polonaise.

With the hooks perpendicular to the bobbin core, I work my way from hook to hook from the front of the bobbin to the back, then I turn the hooks to point toward the front (orifice end) and fill in the little gaps from my first pass. I then work my way back and forth turning the hooks as I move through them again, filling the bobbin as evenly as possible as I go. A sliding hook on the flyer makes filling the bobbin evenly a much easier task, and for you folks with a Woolee Winder don’t have to think about that at all. Currently, the Fantasia is the only wheel in Kromski’s lineup that has a sliding hook on the regular flyer. The jumbo flyers available for their other models also uses a sliding hook.

That’s all I have to share this morning. I’m off to spin for a bit, then it’s off to the groomer with my pretty girl, and a stop at our local farmer’s market at The Crossings in Colonie to pick up some necessities.

Have a great weekend!

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