The 2017 Tour de Fleece Begins!

Good morning and happy Saturday! It’s the first of July and the first day of the Tour de France and the Tour de Fleece.

The merino and silk blend from Susan is a delight to spin so far. I am waffling between the 20:1 ratio and the 25:1 ratio in double drive. There is such a small size difference between the 25:1 pulley and the small pulley on one end of a standard Kromski bobbin. Getting the right takeup without making treadling feel sticky is tough. I think I am willing to sacrifice five twists per treadle for treadling comfort, and will stick with the 20:1 in double drive.

Most of my spinning time with this fiber will be my usual 15-20 minutes before work. In the evening I will work on my supported spinning, using one of Jim’s beautiful and beautifully made spindles. I have been spinning baby camel on these spindles and will continue to do that during the tour.


Later today we will be making a family outing to our annual Italian Greyhound Rescue Reunion picnic. My donation to the fundraiser auction this year is two custom made Italian greyhound sweaters, to be custom made for the winners of the two ‘gift certificates’ I printed up. It’s hit or miss that something I have already knit is going to appeal to enough people. My choice to make the size and color and use a particular type of yarn do limit the audience.

By working with the owners first on color preferences and picking a type of yarn that is appropriate for the pattern, and getting some measurements of their dog, I can create one of a kind sweater, just for that lucky dog.

I’ll have more about my Tour de Fleece progess later in the week. Until then, have a great weekend!

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