Project Progress

This blog post was originally published in March of 2017

Good morning and happy Saturday! I hope everyone made it through the Tuesday blizzard okay. We are as dug out as we are going to get here. The space I made in the back yard for the dogs is much smaller than usual, but it will have to do until it all melts. Halo is not happy. She wants to run along the fence with her springer spaniel friends next door. She made a run for the back corner of the yard yesterday afternoon. It is really quite comical to see her leaping through the snow. I missed her run up, but I did manage to get a short video of her dash back to the house.

I spent the day on Tuesday cutting and sewing fabric for the curtains I wanted to make for the bedroom. Once I had enough of one set assembled, I draped and tucked it on the curtain rod in the bedroom to get a feel for how it would look. I like the faux silk fabric and it is fun to work with. The color I chose is gorgeous, but as bedroom curtains the red was just a little too strong, and combined with the style of the curtains, looked a little too bordello-ish. So that fabric for curtains is out. I have a costume idea for the remaining yardage that it could be perfect for, and the color will not come off as bordello-ish. I still like the idea of Roman shades with the gold faux silk fabric, so I am going to try to get that started next.
Last weekend was quite busy, and I spent a lot of it finishing up my plying.

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The green yarn is Dorset from Gnomespun in a colorway appropriately called Into The Green. I don’t understand why Dorset isn’t a more popular spinning fiber. This yarn is beautifully bouncy, and while Dorset may not be a particularly fine or soft wool, the yarn itself feels much softer than one might expect.
The pink yarn is a polwarth and silk blend that my fellow pharaoh hound owner, knitter, and spinner friend Theresa sent to me from A Verb for Keeping Warm , her favorite local yarn shop in the Bay area. I aimed for light and fluffy here and that’s exactly what I got. Relatively thick (for me) singles with just enough twist, and the right amount of extra twist in the ply.
Two different rainbow themed yarns finish up this batch, both from Mad Color Fiber Arts. The Darkside colorway combines the colors of the rainbow with sections of black. The Targhee fiber makes a nice and squishy yarn. The other is a merino and nylon blend called The Rainbow Connection. I had two 4 ounce braids of this fiber that became two skeins of 2 ply yarn, each measuring about 600 yards. I think I’m starting a project with this yarn first.


Throughout this week I have also been working away at my card weaving. I finished the length of the sample band I was making to test out the yarn, and it holds up well to the abuse that yarn takes during the weaving process. My loom is now threaded with the same colors in a different pattern, and I am making good progress on it. This new band will fit perfectly in the sets of dog collar hardware I salvaged from an old and worn collars. This is most likely what I will be working on this morning.
That’s all for me this week. I’ll have a book review and a giveaway coming up mid-week, so keep an eye out for that. Have a great weekend!

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