My Tour de Fleece Results

Good morning and happy Saturday! I have lots to do this morning, most of it outside, but I did want to at least check in briefly to post the results of my Tour de Fleece spinning which was completed last weekend.

First up is Team Spinning Bunny’s official Tour de Fleece colorway called Sea Nymph in BFL and silk.

I divided the fiber into sections, with the colors lining up as best as possible and spun each section onto its own bobbin with the original intention of making a 2 ply yarn. This method would result in the colors mostly lining up, with some overrun and barber poling due to the inevitable inconsistencies between the two bobbins. In the end, I chose to chain ply each bobbin to keep the sections of color from running into each other.

The end result is a slightly heavier weight than the two ply would have been, but actually more like what I wanted it to be. One skein measures 140 yards and weighs in at 51 grams, and the other measures 180 yards and weighs in at 54 grams. I’m planning to use this yarn as the warp for a project on my rigid heddle loom.

Next is the Merino in a beautiful colorway called My Very Own Sister.

Spinning this fiber was a bit of a challenge as I tried to spin thicker singles than I normally would. As many spinners will tell you, once you develop the muscle memory for spinning fine singles, trying to spin thicker singles isn’t exactly easy. This was even more difficult because the fiber was a little compacted from the dyeing process, as Merino can often be, especially in the darker sections. This is never a deterrent for me though. I’m quite happy to spend a few extra minutes loosening it up before I spin.

I did not attempt to line up any of the colors between the three bobbins of singles I spun. The resulting 3 ply yarn has a lot of visual texture and all the squishiness and bounciness that I was aiming for. Measuring 192 yards and weighing 111 grams, this yarn will hang up on a hook in my craft room for me to admire while I think about what it will become next.

Last up is the cashmere that I spun on my supported spindles.

I might have mentioned that my skills with the supported spindle technique are still developing. I fumbled a lot in the beginning of this project, and much less towards the end. The resulting 3 ply yarn is thick and thin, but is still absolutely gorgeous and by far my favorite yarn of my Tour de Fleece spinning this year.

The final yarn measures 210 yards and weighs just 48 grams. I have something in mind for this already, but it’s going to require that I spin a bit more, and not necessarily cashmere. I still have some dark brown yak that I will continue to spin on my supported spindles, and some cream colored baby camel that might go well with it too.

That’s all for this morning. I’m off to spin for a bit and then head outside to do some work while the temperatures are still reasonable. I might spin outside for a while too. I’m working on the last section of the ‘How to Make a Superhero’ Rambouillet, and I’m really looking forward to finishing this project up.

Have a great weekend!

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