Hey man, nice scarf!

Good morning and happy Saturday! If you’re going to the Spring Fling Antiques, Collectibles, and Craft Festival in Glenville today, take an umbrella or take cover because it looks like we’re getting some serious storms today. I am a bit disappointed that I cannot go but my dear spouse is not. He is afraid I might come home with another spinning wheel or two, or more. We will be going to our local farmer’s market at the Crossings in Colonie later this morning, maybe with a dog, or three, then off to the vet for a routine vet appointment for one of the dogs, and if it isn’t too stormy this afternoon, a stop to visit our monthly Italian Greyhound Rescue adoption clinic at Pet Supplies Plus on Western Ave.

I know I wanted to talk about the scarf exchange this week, but I decided to wait until I receive the scarf that was made from the fiber I put into the exchange. To be honest, I don’t even remember what that fiber was! But now I can at least show you a picture of the cowl that I made for Van in Ontario. He wasn’t able to attend the retreat this year so I am mailing it to him this week. I hope he likes it.

This morning I am continuing to spin what I have started to call the radioactive . I split this fiber up into six equal-ish sections and will spin one bobbin from each before deciding whether to do a two ply or three ply. I have two bobbins done and have just started the third this week. The 25:1 flyer ratio is turning out to be a pretty comfortable speed so far, and I try to get in 15 to 20 minutes of spinning time a day every morning before going to work. I hope I can finish it before the Tour de Fleece starts.

Also on my list of things to try and do today is go through the two fleeces I recently bought and determine what is going to be processed at the mill, what I will keep to wash and card, and what to discard. Another bag of wool was dropped off here last night, a gift from friends on Cape Cod. If I’m lucky, I’ll at least get to lay it out to see what it all looks like. This may require setting up a table in the garage. I don’t think I’m allowed to use the kitchen table again.

That’s it for today. I’m off to spin and spend as much playtime outside with the dogs while the weather permits. Have a great weekend!

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