The last ounce

Good morning and happy Saturday! Got plans to go out and do something today? If you can’t cancel them, make sure you bundle up because it’s going to be dangerously cold. The weather folks on TV are talking about potential wind chill of -40! It’s a perfect day to stay inside and knit or spin.

I am down to the last ounce of the brown roving today. Once this is done there will be about three pounds of singles divided up over more than 40 storage bobbins, and then I can begin plying. It has been such a long journey to get all the singles spun and while plying always goes quicker than the spinning of the singles, it’s going to be quite the long journey of its own, so I’m going to move on to some other projects until I’m ready for that.

I have a few things in progress on the needles that need finishing up, one being the mate to my fingerless mitts. The other knitting project is still super secret. Two spindle spinning projects need to be completed as well. My rectangular continuous thread loom is put away for now while I work on a simple houndstooth plaid scarf on my rigid heddle loom and contemplate adding two different size triangular continuous thread looms to my collection. I need to figure out a way to hang these on the wall to store them so they aren’t taking up valuable floor space when not in use.

Then there is my color challenge project for the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat. Inspired by a similar challenge that we did for the Golden Fleece Spinners and Weaver’s Guild, I proposed this as a fundraiser activity at last year’s retreat, and this year we will all show off the projects we created from our randomly drawn crayons. This project is not secret, and I can at least show you the colors and the yarn I picked out. That’s as far as I have gotten with it. In fact, I picked out the yarn ages ago and it’s been sitting around this long while I try to figure out what to do with it. One thing I have decided on is that the mossy green will be the more prominent color in my project. Over the last few weeks I’ve been hoarding a bit more than the one skein that I got when I bought the other colors. I have a couple of different projects in mind for this challenge, and I need to get busy as our retreat, hard as it is to believe, is just three short months away.

That’s all for this morning. I am really looking forward to finishing up this last ounce of brown roving so I’m going to get to it. Later this afternoon we are going to brave the brutal winter weather to check out the gem and mineral show at the New York State Museum. It’s a good thing I make warm things with wool. We’re going to need them!
Have a great weekend!

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