Revising my Tour de Fleece goal

Good morning and happy Saturday! How is your Tour de Fleece spinning coming along? I am not as far along with my 8 ounces of fiber as I had hoped to be. There’s just one week left of the tour, and I have about half of my fiber still to be spun.

My original goal was to get as much yardage out of this fiber as I could, and if I stick to that goal, I will most certainly have fiber left at the end of the tour. This a little baffling, because I only chose to work with 8 ounces of fiber this year, whereas last year I think I managed to burn through almost two pounds! Getting 15 to 20 minutes of spinning time in the mornings before work has been easy, but carving out spinning time in the evenings has been very difficult.

I’m not going to blame that all on the puppy. Sure, she requires a lot of supervision, entertainment, and mental and physical exercise. That’s not a complaint. I adore her and our boys, and spending time outside playing with my dogs is as as good for me as it is for them. We’ve had some really hot days in the last couple of weeks too, and when it’s too warm inside the house, holding wool in my hands isn’t something I want to spend a whole lot of time doing. So I’ll blame most of it on the weather.

Once the tour is over, I want to move on to other projects and not have to worry about finishing this one up, so I have revised my goal. I will have a decent amount of yardage from the first half of my fiber. How much remains to be seen, but I’m confident there will be enough for a project I already have in mind. That means I need a strategy for the remaining fiber, and that’s what this morning’s work will be – getting the fiber prepared in such a way that it can become the yarn I’m envisioning, and you’ll have to wait until next week to see what that is.

You’re probably thinking that four ounces of fiber should be easy to get through in a week’s time. You’re right, it should be. But in the next week I’m anticipating having even less time in the evenings for spinning. My mother-in-law arrives from Florida later today for a two week visit, which I’m really looking forward to. Really, I am. We don’t get to see her as often as we’d like since she retired and moved to the Sunshine State.

That’s it for this morning. I’m off to do…something…with my remaining Tour de Fleece fiber.
Have a great weekend!

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