It’s that time again! 

My car is all packed, and I’m heading off to the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat this weekend. I love my Kia Soul, but it does have a lot less room than my old Blazer. My Kromski Polonaise would most likely not have stood upright in the Blazer either, and will most certainly need some adjusting once I get it unpacked and set up again, but at least it fits.

We have over 40 men attending this year. Some are new knitters, some have never been to a men’s knitting retreat before, and many are faces I see at the retreat each year. I know everyone’s names too. Really, I do. I even know the names of our new guys because we’ve all been planning and talking about the retreat on Ravelry and Facebook for some months now. That didn’t stop me from calling someone by the wrong name the other night when I made a trip up to the retreat venue to drop off some supplies and things, and have a quick visit with the guys who arrive a few days early for personal retreat time. It was terribly embarrassing, like when I accidentally called my stepmother by my father’s previous girlfriend’s name. My father has even done that. All of these names start with the letter J too.

There will most certainly be Saturday morning spinning this week. I’m even leading a beginners spinning workshop on Saturday morning. You might have to wait until later in the day to read about it later in the day.

That’s it for now. I have to take one last inventory of everything in my car, one more pass through the house to make sure I’ve got everything I need, and then head out. This morning we have our “unofficial” retreat field trip to visit Alpacas of Breezy Hill Ranch in Salem, NY.
Enjoy your weekend!

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