The first casualty

It was bound to happen. My adorable and sweet little puppy made her first kill. She had identified her prey before I even realized it was there, and In the blink of an eye she lunged, picked it up in her mouth, ran off, and had begun tearing it apart. By the time I was able to catch up with her there was no saving the poor thing. It was a goner.

Halo isn’t the first of our dogs to steal my yarn and I’m no stranger to puppy mischief. Flash, one of my Italian Greyhounds, had a taste for bamboo DPNs when he was a puppy, and he has stolen many sock projects just to pull the needles out and chew them up. Halo has already stolen a knitting project and has tried many times to make off with yarn that I’m knitting with. Thankfully none of those suffered the same fate as this lone skein of Shelter.
Despite all my efforts to be as careful as possible and try to stay one step ahead of my cunning little yarn hunter, there’s always a chance something will get overlooked and tragedy will befall some poor innocent skein of yarn. I don’t get upset though because I know it’s my own fault. Besides, I have a fondness for mischievous puppies.

How can I possibly be upset with such a pretty girl?

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