Saturday Morning Spinning and my Tour de Fleece progress

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday! I hope you all fared well through those thunderstorms earlier this week and that no one is hurt or has suffered any property damage. You know it’s a serious storm when the meteorologists on the local news interrupt whatever is on to cover it. Rain was coming down so hard I couldn’t even see the house across the street and the lightning was providing quite a show. The pictures and video shown on the news of some of the flash flooding in the area were just incredible. Dangerous as they are though, I do enjoy those really strong summer thunder storms.

Today begins the second week of the Tour de France for cyclists and the Tour de Fleece for us spinners. I began the Tour with some Wensleydale on my Hilltopper wheel, starting the first 4 ounce braid on Saturday last weekend, and finishing it on Sunday afternoon at my guild meeting. Between Sunday night and Monday I managed to get in about an ounce of the mixed BFL on my favorite drop spindle. I also started the second braid of Wensleydale on Monday, and managed to fit in about 20 minutes of spinning time every morning before work, and about 20 minutes every afternoon after work. This yielded just under an ounce of spun yearn each day. My Friday output was a bit less because I only got in my 20 minutes in the morning.

Here’s a little photo gallery of my progress so far.

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You can also see my progress here on Ravelry

Spinning on my Hilltopper is a bit slower because of its slower ratios. I’m down to about one ounce of the Wensleydale that I expect to finish up this morning. One this project is done on this wheel I expect to pick up the pace a little with the projects I have planned for my Lendrum. The higher ratios on the fast flyer for that wheel allow me to be a bit more productive. Later on this afternoon I should be able to get in a little more spindle spinning in as we make our way out to do some errands, and visit our monthly Italian Greyhound Rescue clinic at Pet Supplies Plus on Western Avenue. If you’re out and about in that area this afternoon, please stop by and see us!

Speaking of my spindle spinning, I’ve been trying out a wrist distaff that was recently given to me by a friend. I usually just use my wrist as my distaff, wrapping my length of roving around it so that it winds off as I spin. The wrist distaff hangs by a cord from your wrist and your fiber wraps around the wooden piece below. It came in handy on Monday this week when the temperatures and the humidity made wrapping wool around my arm a not-so-good idea. Had I done that, my roving would most certainly have ended up soaked with sweat which would have made spinning kind of icky.

So that’s my progress so far in the Tour de Fleece. I’m looking forward to getting more spinning time in this week since my deadline knitting is just about complete. Once that’s done I should be able to focus all of my free time on my spinning, and housework. I can’t forget about that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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