Saturday morning knitting, with handspun, of course!

The dogs allowed me to sleep in until a little after six this morning so we’re all off to a slow start here. It’s a cold rainy morning and there’s no plan for the day until dinner this evening with some friends. We dog-sit for them when they go on vacation, so we’re bringing our two boys over for a play date with theirs. These are all Italian Greyhounds, so it’s like visiting cousins.
Plying the Rambouillet I have been spinning is complete and it’s gorgeous. It’s a 2ply weighing about 3.75oz as measuring about 820-ish yards. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it came out, and I’m already thinking about patterns for it.

Spinning and plying the Rambouillet took a good amount of time, so before I continue with the pounds of brown roving I have left, or start a smaller project, I’d take a week or two off to focus on my knitting. I’ve just finished up a lined hat called Storm Warning , and I’ve finished my project for the fiber-to-scarf exchange for the Men’s Knitting Retreat, and the few other things I’m working on aren’t a high priority right now. I figured this would be a good time to catch up on some knitting.
Swatching for a sweater that I’d like to have done by Rhinebeck has started, and I’ve been staring at several skeins of handspun that I’ve been considering for more hats. There was one in particular that I enjoyed spinning so much just because of its color. The cheviot from Gnomespun in an appropriately named color, “Brilliant.”
When I go out for a walk in the winter time I often need a hat, and since it’s dark when I walk, I knew these colors would be a great choice. I’m a few rows into the ribbing now, and I like how it looks so far. Knitting with my handspun while I take some time between spinning projects will be my focus. I get teased by some of my spinner friends for not using my handspun more, so I’ll take the opportunity to do that. I’ll have progress to show on my hat next week, and a new projects with handspun to talk about.
Enjoy your weekend! 

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