Saturday Morning Spinning – failed attempts, but valuable lessons

July 13, 2013

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying this little reprieve from the heat. It looks like it won’t last long. That’s okay with me. It just means I get more use of my pool. Not much knitting gets done, at least not large projects. Socks are good for the hot weather.

Last Saturday’s experiment with art yarn was brief, but a valuable learning experience. The only thing I was able to create that did end up in the pile of art yarn shame was about a yard or so of a coiled yarn. It may look nice enough in the picture, but it looks are deceiving. I had trouble managing the “anchors” before and after the coils, so they slide around, and I had difficulty holding the proper tension on the lace weight singles and the thick/thin singles during the plying. So even though it isn’t exactly usable as yarn, it serves as a valuable learning tool going forward.

Once you’ve developed that muscle memory for spinning and plying more traditional yarns, learning to do new things with your hands to create many art yarns is really quite difficult and requires a great deal of practice. Since I’m kind of between spinning projects right now, I’ve got the time to practice so I’ll keep at it.
I hear there may be spinning again at The Crossings this morning. The weather is certainly agreeable for it. I’ll be at The Crossings later this morning, but not for spinning. We’ll be participating in the Second Annual Donna Miraglia Memorial Walk. Our local chapter of Italian Greyhound Rescue will be at the Pet Supplies Plus booth, so stop by and visit us. It will be a special day for us, as we will be officially adopting Monticello (Monty) the dog we’ve been fostering since the beginning of May.

That’s all I have for now. I’m off to continue my art yarn experiments. Have a great weekend everyone!

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