It’s (not) all about the…bag

My ballsack (for which we no longer need to use the “family friendly”  term “knitting bag”) is somewhat famous.


My ballsack has been photographed so many times in so many places, and sometimes with other people. Photos of my ballsack have appeared on Facebook, Twitter, this blog and other blogs, and even graced the pages of the print edition of the Times Union last May (and yes, even Blogmeister Mike Huber’s blog) when I was the featured blogger of the week.


Sometimes I need to carry an extra bag because believe it or not, there are moments when my ballsack just isn’t big enough. My ballsack gets dragged on the ground, on barn floors, knitting shop floors, and is starting to get dirty. Yes, my ballsack  is in desperate need of being washed.

100_0074-300x225 100_0073-300x225

My ballsack seems to be a never ending source of amusement and jokes for a great many people, including me. I’ve even acquired some buttons that also cleverly play with the double entendre. They’re kind of fun and not at all offensive, at least not to me. One of them even adorns the messenger bag I carry around on a daily basis. It gets a few good hearted giggles now and then, but I’ve never heard any gasps of shock and disgust. Not that it would bother me.


So last week when I finally replaced my 18 year old Buick sedan with a not so old SUV, I was excited to make use of the license plate frames I was given for my birthday a couple of years ago. As it turned out, I only used one of them on the front of the vehicle because the back bumper obscured most of the bottom of the frame, which I think is the best part.

I am very proud to be a man who knits and proud to be able to participate in and contribute to a growing community of men who engage all kinds of needle and fiber arts. All the ball jokes aside, we are very passionate about our crafts and we take them very seriously, but there’s always room for fun and good humor, and that’s part of what makes gathering to knit with a group of men for the weekend so special.

Next month I will be attending my third Mens Spring Knitting Retreat, and I believe there are still some spots open if you or a man you know is interested. Other Men’s Knitting Retreats follow in Colorado in the summer and in Seattle and Michigan in early and late fall respectively. I haven’t had the honor of being able to attend one of these more distant retreats, but I do hope to one day. I hear such great tales about them from the men who have been.

For another great weekend of fibery fun, one which you ladies can enjoy too, check out the Washington County Fiber Tour taking place this weekend. There are a number of sheep and alpaca farms open both days with tours, special events, and demonstrations. The

Battenkill Fiber Mill will also be open both days for a special open house. If you’ve never seen how a mill processes fiber into roving and yarn, I recommend checking it out.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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