Fair season!

July 20, 2010

Fair season kicks off in the Capital Region pretty early with The Saratoga County Fair which starts today. It’s followed by The Altamont Fair The Washington County Fair, The Columbia County Fair here locally, then of course there’s the New York State Fair.

Ahh the fair. I immediately think of midway games, rides, and all the fried bread dough I can eat. But county and state fairs have long history of being a showcase for the finest examples of all aspects of agriculture, fiber arts and other hand crafts from local communities.

Anyone can enter their best efforts at growing the best produce, raising the best livestock, making the best food, or producing the best hand craft to be judged and awarded ribbons. The best of the best in each category earn a blue ribbon.

Each of the fairs have rules and regulations for entries, many of which are accessible on their websites. The process is simple and might require a small entry fee of a few dollars. If you have something you’ve done that you think displays your best work, you might consider entering it at the fair. There are fiber categories for everything from fleece to finished garment. The fiber arts exhibits at fairs are always stunning displays of creativity and love. Whether it’s spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, or any other fibery pursuit, you’ll find it represented.

Thanks to all of the area county fairs and the New York State Fair for showing off the finest in agriculture in our local communities.

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