Sock it to me

Here’s another of my posts from 2009. Socks are still a favorite project, and I always have a pair in progress.  Enjoy

We seem to be on the subject of socks so much lately.  Well, how many of you have been asked the following question?
“Why would you put all that work into knitting something when it is easier (and often cheaper) to just go out and buy it?”
I’ve been asked this question most in regards to knitted socks and not just from the non-knitters. I’ve heard the same question from a few knitters too!
(I think I can hear some of you gasping in disbelief!)
Yes, it’s true that we could go out and buy a package of socks and spend much less money, time, and effort than knitting a pair. But are we getting the same thing? Ask the fans of hand knit socks (whether knitters or wearers) and the answer is a unanimous and resounding NO. There are many reasons, but most will simply say it’s because nothing compares to the fit and feel of a well made pair of hand knit socks.
When you go to the store to buy socks you’re limited to the range of colors, styles, materials, and sizes that the store offers. When you knit your own, the possibilities are endless. As with any other knitting project, the knitter has complete control over the end product. The type of yarn, color, pattern, and size are all up to you. Take a look on Ravelry and you’ll find almost 500 pages of sock patterns! How’s that for variety?
Socks are also very portable projects. You can take them with you to work on while waiting at the doctor’s office, the dentist, or the DMV (you might be able to knit a whole pair while waiting at some DMV offices) and they’re a perfect way to pass the time on the bus, train, plane or even the car (just not while you’re driving).
Over the next few installments we’ll take a look at what makes socks one of the most versatile and popular knitting projects. Will we discover the latest greatest trick for turning heels or some other “eureka” moment that no one has ever thought of before? Probably not. But will some of you who have never knit socks before be encouraged to give it a try? Will some of you sock knitting pros be inspired to try something that’s maybe a little outside of your usual sock box? Will Phyllis be able to make a pair of socks that fit her son? I certainly hope so!!!


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